How Long Does It Take to Get PMP® Certification?

PMP® Certification

PMP certification is the most vital requirement to work as a project manager. The certification ensures that the person is capable of handling the projects efficiently. It is the most recognized certificate worldwide, and there is a huge demand worldwide for certified project managers. The certification is offered by the project management institute (PMI).

How Much Time Does It Take to Get the PMP® Certification?

To become a certified project management professional, you must prepare for the exam with dedication. You can get a PMP certification in 2-3 months if you are well-prepared for the exam. You must sit the exam only when you are confident about sitting the exam and are well prepared. 

The time you can get the online PMP certification will depend on the time required to prepare for the exam and complete the prerequisites. The exam duration is 4-hours, and it will take only 3-4 days to get confirmation from the PMI about your application status. It all depends on you how much time you spend on exam preparation. 

Once you get confirmation from the PMI that your application has been accepted, you can make a study plan and decide how many hours you can devote daily to preparing for the exam. This will help you to schedule your exam. You can become a skilled professional project manager by earning the PMP certificate. Some people do not want to quit their present job and can’t give much time for exam preparation. But they can study effectively for the remaining time to prepare well for the exam. 

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a PMP® Certification

People wishing to get a PMP certification must fulfill some eligibility criteria for taking the PMP exam. The requirement also depends on your educational qualifications and experience in project management. The eligibility criteria to get a PMP® certification are:

  • A high school diploma must have at least five years of experience as a professional project manager.
  • A four-year degree certification must have three years of experience as a professional project manager.
  • You should also have a training course in the PMP where you need to spend 35 hours on formal education in project management.
  • You must have supporting documents to show your formal education in project management and your 35 hours of experience in project management training. 

Steps For Obtaining the PMP® Certification

You can follow the given steps to get the PMP® certification:

Enroll in a Training Course for PMP:

You must enroll in a training course in the PMP to fulfill the required 35 hours of formal education in project management. However, if you have a CAPM certification, you do not have to attend the training hours necessary for formal education in project management. 

Submit Your Application:

After you fulfill all the conditions for getting a PMP certificate, you can fill in the online application for the PMP exam. Before filling in your PMP exam application, you must have all the documents ready. If your application gets accepted by the PMI, you will receive a notification through email. 

Schedule Your Exam Date:

After your application gets accepted by the PMI, you have to schedule your exam. You have to pay the exam fee online and schedule a suitable date and time for the exam. If you are a PMI member, you may have to pay fewer fees for the exam. You can take the exam offline or online. If you apply for offline mode, you can choose from the various exam centers available in your city. You have one year to sit the exam from the date of acceptance of your application. So, you can schedule your exam when you are ready to sit and when you are well prepared. 

Make a Study Plan for the Exam:

It would be best if you made a study plan to prepare for the PMP exam. It would help if you devoted enough time to prepare for the exam. It would be best if you spared as much time as possible to understand the concepts. Most people give a gap of 3-4 months to prepare for the exam. You can make a strategy to focus on the weak areas. You must know how many hours you can spare to prepare for the exam. You can use different resources to prepare for the exam, such as the PMBOK® Guide, sample papers, and joining a PMP prep course. 

Give the Exam:

The duration of the PMP exam is four hours. There are a total of 180 questions in the paper. The questions in the PMP exam are of different styles, such as filling in the blanks, matching, multiple choices, and multiple responses. 

Once your exam is complete, you will immediately come to know if you have cleared the exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive your PMP certification, and you can also receive your soft copy of the certificate in 2-4 weeks. 

Maintain Your Certificate:

The PMP certificate is valid for three years. After that, you must pay the fee again to renew your certification after three years. 

Some people cannot pass the PMP exam on their first attempt. They do not have to worry or lose heart because there are two more chances to sit the exam within a year. They can work hard and prepare well for the exam. They must realize their mistakes on the first attempt and prepare properly to clear the exam on the second attempt. 


In conclusion, PMP® certification is a prestigious qualification that not only helps you get a better job but will also help you to improve your knowledge. There is a high demand for PMP-certified individuals in the global market. To grow your career and work as a project manager, you must get the PMP® certification. You only have to fulfill some requirements to pass the exam and get the certification.

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