5 Main Features of Virtual Office Your Business Needs

Features of Virtual Office

“Virtual” is the most frequently used word nowadays. Businesses use virtual mailboxes to get one virtual business address or many. They hire virtual assistants and also benefit from virtual offices and their many features, including a professional business address. Virtual offices can be a fantastic alternative to renting a physical office (private office). Well, it’s a bit confusing, isn’t it?

In this article, we’ll talk mainly about the virtual office, the many features of the virtual office service, and the difference between the virtual office and the traditional or physical office. Also, we will talk about the difference between virtual mailboxes and virtual offices. We will also see if you need a virtual office.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a valuable service for small and medium-sized businesses or startups that need a professional office address without worrying about the costly commitment of private office space. With a virtual office, you get a professional address.

Having a virtual office does not mean you don’t get access to a physical office. It is a virtual office space, meaning you can use the many locations the service provides. However, you don’t have to worry about or maintain virtual office spaces because somebody else will take care of all the lousy details. You will get the prestigious business address a meeting space whenever you need it, and your business maintains a professional image.

Many virtual office packages offer great features, but let’s talk about the main differences between virtual offices, virtual mailbox services, and traditional offices.

Virtual Offices vs. Virtual Mail services

Digital mailbox or Virtual mailbox mainly provides mail handling services. They handle your mail while giving you a prestigious virtual street address for a professional image. They only scan your mail and forward items and packages to you. For most virtual mailbox service providers, that’s it. It’s a virtual office address, so you can’t book meeting rooms or get access to coworking spaces.

As for the virtual office, you get a prestigious address. Also, you can rent office space and meeting rooms. You could also use their amenities and services that help you maintain a physical presence, such as telephone answering while giving you simple mailbox solutions.

Traditional Offices vs. Virtual Offices

As a business, having a traditional office space means you’re fully responsible for it. You pay the expenses of the physical office space plus utilities. In other words, you maintain the location and ensure everything goes smoothly.

As for virtual office space, you can use it whenever you like without worrying about expenses. And your virtual office package could include business phone lines with call answering.

A virtual office is an excellent solution. It comes with many features that are relevant for most businesses. Let’s see the five key features of this service so you can decide whether this service is a must-have for your business.

5 Features Of Virtual Office Services

#1 Professional Business Address

Professional business address

Virtual offices will offer you a professional business address, which is the most important service they provide. The professional address will give your business credibility. The good news is you don’t have to use your home address. This is super important for privacy.

Also, it’s a fantastic way to expand your business presence to other locations as you could use one or more locations. This solution helps you register your prestigious business address in an area of your choice and helps you benefit from transport links and local amenities as well. Now, you have a legal office address that you could use in your business cards and official website.

Through this service, you can maintain a business’s physical presence without the additional costs or responsibilities of maintaining a physical office space. It is a perfect solution for businesses that need to benefit from essential business services that address their business needs while saving a lot of money in the process. Business services include WiFi, fax machine, printing, scanning, etc.

#2 Mail Handling Solution

Mail handling

Mail handling or mail service is one of the features of a virtual office. You don’t have to be physically present or have a traditional office space to receive mail. A remote receptionist will receive and open your physical mail, scan the contents, and send it via email. The assistant will forward your items daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever required. You don’t have to worry about mail forwarding. This mail service is convenient for small businesses that can’t handle their postal mail efficiently while offering amazing mail forwarding solutions.

#3 Meeting Room Access

Meeting room

Sometimes, social interaction is all you need to run your business. If you work remotely, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to have face to face meetings with your coworkers or need an office to meet with your clients. A physical workspace is sometimes indispensable for the business.

Maybe you need a meeting room once a month, and you don’t have to rent an office or prepare a dedicated office space because you need a meeting room every once in a while. A standard virtual office service provides conference rooms with modern decor and access to hot desks. In addition to the great option of access to a meeting room, you can have open plan working or coworking spaces.

Remote workers don’t have to meet in coffee shops whenever they need to have a meeting. Virtual office service makes meetings convenient with many options to work remotely and to have the privacy of dedicated office space. The easy-to-book meeting rooms with modern decor are perfect for your business.

#4 Get Your Regional or National Business Phone Line

Business phone number

This is one of the key features. In addition to the business address, you also get a regional or national business phone line. As a small business, receiving your phone calls on your personal mobile number is inconvenient, unprofessional, and destroys your work-life balance. Besides, it violates your privacy. Many virtual office packages offer a regional or national phone line in addition to the many other virtual office options.

#5 Live Receptionist and Call Answering

Live Receptionist and Call Answering

Most virtual office packages include a live receptionist and call answering. A live receptionist is a dedicated assistant who answers your calls and uses your company name. An assistant will handle your important calls from your clients while you get to focus on your most relevant tasks.

Besides the professional location, this is the feature that most people need when they think of a virtual office. A live receptionist takes your calls, forwards important calls, and ensures your business looks credible and professional. You get a dedicated assistant without renting an office with this feature, and again you get to keep your personal phone line, well, personal.

Why Do You Need Virtual Offices?

Virtual office spaces are essential for a startup or a small business. Many virtual offices provide relevant services like a professional business address and mail handling. In addition, they also offer an assistant to receive phone calls with a dedicated phone line, the ability to book a meeting room whenever you need one, or access to a coworking space. A business might prefer a virtual office over a traditional one for many reasons. Let’s see some advantages you get from the many virtual office spaces.

Advantages of a Virtual Office

#1 Cost Reduction

If you want to save money, a virtual office is for you. If you think about it, you’ll have most of the conveniences of a real office without renting one or worrying about the utility bills. A virtual office is a cost-effective solution as you’ll get to choose the right virtual office service from the most convenient packages. You can compare many service providers out there and check the features you need so you can pay for only the services you use. If your business relies on working remotely, why would you rent a full-time office space for a meeting occasionally?

#2 Business Credibility

The many virtual office spaces offer one important thing: business credibility. You get a professional business address and a phone line. You get to register your business and get to create a professional image without renting an office. Your clients can call you on a business line without your personal phone number. A business address shows the credibility of your business. It adds to the credibility if you have a remote assistant that answers your phone calls.

#3 Access to Modern Facility in a Great Location

For most businesses, renting an office at a prestigious location is impossible due to cost. A virtual office service makes this possible, fortunately. You can get a business address in the best areas of any city you like. As for the facility itself, it comes with modern decor, coworking spaces, etc. It’s so much better than having your own facility and maintaining it.

#4 Many Business Addresses

You can expand your presence in many cities by getting multiple business addresses to promote the image of a large business without paying the cost of that image. So, where do you want your office located, and how many locations do you need to have a business presence? Thanks to virtual offices, small businesses can expand their presence overseas.

Final Words

A virtual office is a perfect solution for small businesses or startups that can’t afford to rent and maintain a traditional office. With a virtual office, you won’t miss out on any of the great solutions of a physical office. You can still register your business, get one or more business addresses, and run your business like a professional while working remotely.

With virtual offices, you can enjoy the convenience of a physical office whenever you need it. In addition to the address and phone line, you get mail service which means you can travel as much as you like without worrying about your postal items. In short, a virtual office offers you the exact solutions as a traditional office (office space, business registration, business services) minus the inconvenience and the unnecessary expenses.

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