An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Good Impression

An Entrepreneur's Guide To Creating A Good Impression

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to make good impressions. For one, you might not get a second chance to make amends if you make a wrong move on a potential client. These good impressions can help you spark interest in other co-players in the industry, including clients, investors, and suppliers. Moreover, how you present yourself can determine if they’ll choose to do business with you.

That said, consider the tips below for creating good impressions in your entrepreneurial venture: 

  1. Be Professional

They say you can judge a book by its cover, which also applies to your business. Your professionalism attracts target investors and suppliers to work with your brand. Being professional can take several forms, as outlined below:

  • Dressing Appropriately: If you want to represent your business, you should look at the part. You must look professional when meeting investors and potential prospects. So, a suit would be more appropriate for formal events, as jeans and a t-shirt wouldn’t cut it. 

Besides that, it’s also essential to get groomed. A clean haircut can be an excellent option for men, while a few fashion accessories can work magic for ladies. Again, if you’ll be attending a mega event, show up in a unique and outstanding dress. You can create the impression of attention to detail and charisma, drawing interested parties to your brand.  

  • Business Cards: Because the world’s technologically advanced, it’s best to apply practical strategies to tell your clients about the business. Thus, having a customized business card with your logo and business name goes a long way. It’s not always that you can get time to exchange words. So grab the opportunity when it comes your way.

On the same note, ensure you incorporate essential custom designs that make it easy to share your business card. For instance, you can share a quick response or QR code business card with clients from your phone. 

  • Confidence: You must be eloquent as you present your sales pitch to assure your prospect that you know what you’re talking about. Knowing the finer details of your product shows how passionate and interested you are in growing your business. Moreover, have a good upright posture that exhibits confidence in your actions.
  • Be Friendly: You shouldn’t be distant or irritated when you spot your competitors. Instead, be friendly and approach the situation wisely. For instance, smiling when talking to business partners is essential. A smile can go a long way toward earning trust and can be a quick way to start and build a relationship.

Professionalism can earn you a unique spot with anyone watching you. Thus, ensure you’re intentional about how you dress, communicate and present your business.

  1. Have The Facts Right

Research goes a long way toward creating a connection with your business clients. For instance, if you’ll be meeting an interested investor, it’s essential to have the facts right. Show them you understand your craft when you respond to their questions accurately and wisely.

If they plan to invest in your business, they need to understand how they’ll gain the profits back. Therefore, research makes the presentation worth it. Here are some insights on preparing for the meeting:

  • Open with a pitch deck that states the aspects of your product and services.
  • Tell a story creatively about your journey as an entrepreneur. Your investor can catch some highlights in your story that keep them interested.  
  • Every business has competitors; thus, show your uniqueness in the industry.
  • Explain your money-making strategies because no one wants to invest their money and get losses. 
  • You should research your investor and learn about their background, hobbies, and interests. For instance, explaining how you’ll contribute towards that goal is imperative if the investor is all about protecting the environment.

Preparing before meeting your investors is a sure win and contributes to the success of the meeting. Your presentation should meet their standard and promise satisfaction. Remember, you must find the perfect match for your business, as the wrong investment partner could drain your energy. Consider your quest a tug of war on interest. Your strength, plus your investor’s, will steer and fuel your business to the next level. Therefore, navigating the investor/entrepreneur relationship is essential.

  1. Pay Attention To Other Speakers

When you’re in a crowd, it’s best to interact rather than do all the talking. Doing the latter could come out as arrogant and insensitive. It’d be better to give others time to express their views on certain subjects. You’ll be surprised how you can get more insights from other people.

If you’re joining an industry, it’s best to learn from those who’ve been there before you. As they have walked the journey, they know what hurdles you might face in the near future. If you’re not attentive, you might not grasp them. You end up failing where you could have escaped the pitfalls. 

If you’re among other entrepreneurs, listen closely to their input. Their contribution can significantly impact your entrepreneurial process. Simple details like remembering someone’s name can foster a healthy relationship. You can pick on such things if you’re attentive.

  1. Ask Appropriate Questions

The last thing you’d want is ruining your chances of turning a lead into a customer. Some opportunities appear only once. You might not get a second chance to redeem yourself. If you start on the wrong foot, you’ll have compromised your chances of grabbing an investor’s attention.  

For instance, it won’t be appropriate to ask irrelevant questions if it’s a business meeting. So, try to stick to asking questions that won’t veer off the topic. You’ll be able to do this if you’ve prepared enough. Moreover, you can consider seeking clarification on matters impacting your business. So, it’d be best to keep professional issues unless they share their private life. However, it would help if you avoid initiating such conversations in formal meetings.

  1. Arrive Early

Presenting yourself as an entrepreneur matters a lot. When holding a meeting, investors leave their daily responsibilities to attend. It’ll be a huge disappointment when they wait for you to arrive. It implies you can’t be relied on. Such mistakes could turn off your investors and may doubt working with you.  

To this end, you must arrive earlier than your guests on all appointments. This way, you get time to relax, clear your mind and compose yourself. If you show up late, you’ll come into the meeting looking tense, which can ruin your chances of giving the business the right presentation. Therefore, prepare yourself in advance to be at the venue point in time. Remember that you may have to fight against other uncontrollable factors, such as weather and traffic, so give yourself ample time for mishaps. You wouldn’t want to give lame excuses on your initial meetups.

  1. Show Genuine Interest In Others

There’s a difference between doing something just because you want to reap the benefits and doing it genuinely from the depths of your heart. The truth of the matter is that people can read between the lines. Thus, to impress investors or other key players, you must be genuine. Insensitivity and lack of interest can make you lose your endorsement as an avid entrepreneur. You risk losing investors who may pull out their support from the business. 

To this end, you must show concern as you talk or relate with others. It helps you gain points as someone relatable. 

  1. Become A Team Player

The best thing you can do for your business is to relate well with other key players. Teamwork helps you overcome the typically strong competition in the business world. Again, investors want to work with well-connected entrepreneurs. This way, they can rely on you to deliver on the purpose of the relationship. Coupled with effective workplace communication, you can accrue several benefits from putting your heads together rather than working alone. These include:  

  • Better Problem-Solving Skills: If you interact with others, you’ll learn how others handle problems if they arise. This way, you end up with a better solution than if you’d have gone about it solely.
  • High Chances Of Innovating: The beauty of interacting with others is that you don’t have to do everything. Everyone has unique abilities and expertise, and you can achieve better results if left to thrive in your area of expertise. It also facilitates better idea generation and creativity.  
  • Boosting Morale: It’s easier to lose track of your goals if you don’t have the right motivation. Additionally, teamwork promotes a sense of belonging. When you’re not feeling motivated, your colleagues can help you get back on track. 
  • Learn Faster: Learning when working as a team is easier than taking an individual journey. It’s so because the team comprises players at different levels. Working with several team players helps build your scope of business matters. For instance, you can ask your supplier to share insights on handling deliveries.  

Investors, partners, and customers value team players because they understand the associated benefits. So, work closely with your colleagues and stand the chance of winning your prospects’ hearts. 


As an entrepreneur, making a good impression is a unique strategy to help your business gain long-term benefits. As such, ensure you work on your impressions to win the hearts of investors, suppliers, and clients to stay in business. It’s not overly complicated, by the way. Little things like dressing appropriately and wearing a smile can positively influence others to want to work with you. Master the basics and become a pro at persuading clients.

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