All You Need to Know About E-Trader License in Dubai

How to Get an E-Trader License in Dubai

The e-trader license has been widely discussed and asked about recently on many websites. Many expats to the United Arab Emirates wish to renew their license during their presence in the country, which government institutions have provided. The applicant must meet specific steps and conditions in the UAE, which we will learn about in this article.

What is an E-Trader License in Dubai?

The E-trader license from Dubai Economy (DED) allows UAE and GCC nationals in Dubai to practice business through various social media networks. The e-trader license can be registered under the name of a single owner only.

The Economic Department in the Emirate of Dubai is the first government institution responsible for issuing all licenses and permits for workers and expats, especially the e-trader license for expats in Dubai. This matter aims to fully supervise all types of trade within the emirate and protect intellectual and property rights.

It also provides all the information and details the expat would need to know more about issuing a new license in Dubai.

You should know that Dubai has two types of e-trading licenses: Professional and Commercial. Expats can apply for professional licenses only, as UAE citizens are the only persons allowed to do commercial business activities using e-trader licenses in Dubai.

The e-trader license is available in the UAE in 4 Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah.

E-Trader License Benefits

  • The project comes under the auspices of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, which increases the confidence of those wishing to use it.
  • They are helping the entrepreneur to carry out his activities more safely and comfortably.
  • The e-trader license for expatriates protects the user’s trade name and registration so that no one else can use this name definitively, as it is the private property of this person.
  • Obtaining an e-trader license for Dubai expats allows users to participate in government exhibitions without restrictions.
  • The e-trader license holder can access all registered communication channels simultaneously through the institution’s official website on the Internet.
  • All personal information is strictly confidential and kept in the Department’s database.
  • Expats can sell their professional services on social media accounts or websites.
  • You can open a bank account in some local banks using this license.

E-Trader Licence Requirements

Registering for an e-trader license for expatriates in Dubai does not require many conditions, as you can take some easy and simple steps to obtain an E-trading license in Dubai, and these steps are as follows:

  • Register online through the Ministry’s official website or Dubai’s economic entity.
  • Emirates ID is mandatory for an e-trader license (GCC nationalities can apply for it using their passports).
  • Visitors and tourists with “non-Emirates ID” cannot register for this license.
  • The legal age of the applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The license is limited to the applicant only, and you can’t add any additional persons.
  • You can’t use the e-trade license to apply for residency in the UAE.
  • For the license, you must provide your physical address in the application form and the “Makani” number of the property where the applicant lives.
  • Some businesses require approval from third parties, such as Dubai Municipality (if the business involves preparing homemade meals or desserts).
  • The number of commercial activities allowed in one license is 10 activities.

E-Trader License Fees

  • E-Trader License Fee for Expats in Dubai AED 1,070. An additional AED 300 for Chamber of Commerce Membership.
  • The applicant can make the payment within 24 hours of the payment authorization being issued. The applicant does not lose the reserved trade name and must pay within the specified period.
  • If the applicant does not pay within 24 hours of the payment authorization being issued, the system automatically cancels the payment permission.
  • Fees are non-refundable if you wish to cancel any of your previous steps.

E-Trader License Renewal

You can renew your license by logging into the “Trader” portal on the Dubai Economy website with your username and password or by sending an SMS with the trade license number to 6969, where you will receive a renewal confirmation message attached to a link to complete the payment process and obtain the new trade license.

On the other hand, there are no financial penalties for delaying the renewal of the e-trader license in Dubai. Still, after the expiration of the one month given to the e-trader, his trade name is canceled, in which case he must re-register for the program again.



How can I get an e-trader license in Dubai?

You can apply for the e-trader license in Dubai if you’re a UAE resident and have a valid Emirates ID or one of the GCC’s nationalities. 

Where can I get the e-trader license in the UAE?

The e-trader license is available in 4 Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah.

How much does an e-trader license cost in Dubai?

The e-trader license in Dubai costs AED 1070 plus AED 300 for a Chamber of Commerce Membership.

How much does an e-trader license renewal cost in Dubai?

The annual renewal of the license is AED 300.

How much is the fine for late license renewal?

There are no penalties for delaying the “Trader” license renewal. Still, if it is not renewed within the allowed period, your trade name will be automatically canceled from the system, and you must register for the program again.

What is the grace period for renewal?

One month from the expiry date of the license.

What can I sell with an e-trader license?

The e-trader license permits both professional and commercial business activities. However, only UAE or GCC nationals can sell products online under this license. Non-GCC nationals can only sell professional services such as photography, tutoring, etc.

What license do I need to sell online in UAE?

The eCommerce license allows entrepreneurs to add their online trade activities to their existing licenses or obtain a new license to conduct business through websites and social media. Both UAE nationals and expats can apply for this license.

Do I need a business license for an online store in the UAE?

Yes, you do need a business license for an online store. Operating a business without a permit is illegal, and if caught, you can face fines of up to AED 500,000.

Final words

The e-trader license in Dubai presents a remarkable opportunity for expatriates seeking to embark on entrepreneurial ventures within the bustling business landscape of the UAE. This innovative licensing system has broken down many barriers and simplified starting and managing an online business in Dubai.

Dubai’s government agencies, like the DED, offer entrepreneurs vital support and resources for successful market navigation.

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