14 Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2021

CRM Software for Real Estate

Real Estate CRM software is a contact management system that will help real estate businesses manage leads throughout the pipeline to ensure their prospects are engaged and not lose sales opportunities.

Whether you believe it or not, all businesses need to use CRM software, real estate businesses, and individuals included. This is why it’s important to choose the best CRM software to help real estate professionals achieve their goals and keep customers satisfied.

 Let’s dive into our list of the best real estate CRM software.

Best Real Estate CRM Software Solutions

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Zoho CRM 
  • Freshsales 
  • HubSpot CRM 
  • Pipedrive 
  • amoCRM 
  • Insightly CRM 
  • Less Annoying CRM 
  • The Wise Agent 
  • LionDesk 
  • Propertybase 
  • Scoro 
  • Apptivo CRM 
  • BIGContacts

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce CRM is a CRM software that can simplify the communications between the real estate agent and the buyer, making buying a home more convenient for the client and giving the agent higher chances for success.

Salesforce CRM offers a wide array of features to give you an edge and help you close more deals. Key features such as account and contact management, lead management, lead generation, lead nurturing, opportunity management, and more can help you become more efficient.

A strong point of Salesforce CRM is that it comes from Salesforce, which is an expert in what they do, so you can easily find partner apps for marketing automation and sales that will enable you to follow your leads all the way to conversion.

Salesforce CRM also increases your team’s productivity by allowing them to work whether in the office or not, thanks to their mobile applications for Android and iOS that sync in real-time.

Creating custom reports is another great feature that helps you get useful insights at a glance. In addition, Salesforce with third-party integrations gives you greater flexibility. These integrations include major CRM, sales, accounting, and management software such as TeamSupport, LeadExec, Zendesk, etc.

Salesforce CRM doesn’t offer a free plan, but a free trial is available if you want to check the software’s features before committing.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce, we highly recommend taking a moment to check out this in-depth Salesforce Edition Comparison.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

If contact management is key to you and familiar with the Zoho family of productivity products, Zoho CRM is the right solution.

Not only does Zoho CRM nail the fundamentals of customer relationship management (CRM), but it also guides you on how to customize the fields, the display, and many other aspects of the system.

Zoho works great for individuals or businesses in the real estate industry and allows for easy collaboration. For example, attaching documents and notes is a seamless process with Zoho CRM, allowing you to smoothly exchange notes and ideas with other team members. It can also help by matching leads with the right agents for them to get the best results.

With Zoho, email marketing is easy as you can send any email right from the platform, and you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign as it progresses. In addition, it offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesk, analytics, and customer support functions.

Zoho CRM offers a wide range of features to give you an edge and help you close more deals. Key features such as account and contact management, lead management, lead generation, lead nurturing, opportunity management, and more can help you become more efficient.

Using their inventory management features, you can manage your sales processes and share your quotes and invoices to prospects through customizable emails and invoice templates.

Zoho’s sales projection features can grade your prospects so you can prioritize them and dedicate resources accordingly.

And Because Social Media is where your customers are nowadays, you can use Zoho CRM to follow your leads and prospects’ behavior to understand them better, which gives you the chance to build a deeper connection.

Zoho CRM offers integration with other Zoho products and third-party integrations for over 300 apps, including G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and other popular apps.

As expected, Zoho CRM offers a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android and integrations with plenty of third-party apps and services, including Gmail and Google Docs.



Freshsales is a great Real Estate CRM software thanks to its focus on the customers and their preferences. It allows your businesses to stay with your client and be quick to respond to their requests and complaints to put you on a steady and consistent growth path.

This solution works as a unified platform from which you can guide your prospects through all the important milestones in the sales cycle and from which you can get all the information and insights needed to succeed.

Freshsales provide you with deep insights and excellent communication and collaboration features to help you stay on top of your business and get your desired results. Features such as email and event tracking allow you to plan your communication with your contact to satisfy your clients and ensure success.

The customer relationship management solution offers many features, including email management, email marketing, contact management, calendar management, customer database, and more.

One thing that makes Freshsales one of the best options for any business is its exceptional customer support. While many CRM software providers will promise you great customer service, Freshsales is one of the few that truly delivers on its promise.

Their technical team has the experience and knowledge to help you with any issue you have. In addition, you get access to customer support, whatever your plan is, whenever you want; however, you want (via live chat, phone call, or email).

HubSpot CRM


Free, intuitive, powerful, and cloud-based CRM solution – it’s hard to beat HubSpot CRM due to what they offer at no cost. In addition, the solution allows small businesses in any industry to start using it and reap its benefits without making huge changes in their already-existing workflow.

HubSpot is one of the most user-friendly CRM solutions you can find, and it gives you all the necessary features you need without none of the complexities you get with other CRM platforms.

With HubSpot, you can easily organize every single detail you have about your customers, and it can assign and track your deals flawlessly. In addition, it gives you the ability to track your agents’ performance seamlessly, so you can work on improving it and allowing all team members to keep up to date with their company’s activities.

One powerful point in HubSpot’s favor is its integrations. HubSpot is one of the best integrated CRM software you can find on the market, and if we are speaking about free CRM software, in particular, nothing even comes close.

Automation is another strength of HubSpot, and what means inaction is that closing deals will need fewer resources and time to be done, which is great for any business.


Pipedrive CRM Software

Pipedrive CRM software focuses on the sales pipeline, making it an attractive option for many real estate agencies.

The real estate CRM software is easy to use and requires no prior experience or technical knowledge to set up and start using it right away. Another strong point of Pipedrive is the elegant visuals that make it a pleasure to use the solution.

These pleasing visuals are everything, and it allows you to present your information and data in easily-digestible formats to save time and effort.

Pipedrive is supported by an active community that consists of thousands of experts who are always willing to help. They function more like a family than as a community, and they will happily share their ideas and experiences with you to help you get started and overcome any obstacles you might face.

Pipedrive’s integrations with third-party apps and solutions mean that you can get more features and solutions that help your business be ahead of its competitors. Other features include reminders, customizable reports, project management, lead management, task management, transaction management tools, and marketing automation tools.

Pipedrive offers a free trial for those interested in it but wants to test the features before committing.


amoCRM Software

This is another Cloud-based solution that combines CRM with sales management, making it one of the best Real Estate CRMs as it can handle a large volume of contact information easily and neatly.

When amoCRM is used right, it can help real estate agents focus more on human interactions. As a result, they will have more time and energy to invest in building trust, nurturing relationships, and concluding sales more efficiently.

amoCRM gives businesses the ability to fully automate their digital sales pipelines and streamline their most important processes. It also helps businesses track their performance to identify areas that need work to improve their results.

The customer relationship management solution offers many features, including email management, email marketing, contact management, calendar management, customer database, lead nurturing, and more.

The intuitive interface means you can set the solution up and start using it right away. The interface is similar to social networks, making it feel familiar instantly to anyone who starts using it right away.

amoCRM’s integrations mean that not only is it easy to integrate the solution into your already-existing IT infrastructure, but it also means you get extra features and extended functionality when integrating it with third-party systems and services.

amoCRM integrates with other services like MailChimp, Mandrill, Wufoo, Zendesk, Dropbox, Zapier, Stripe, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

This is a reliable CRM solution, and they do offer a free trial to explore the solution’s features and functions without committing. Still, no free plan is available, unfortunately.

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM software

If you are a small real estate business still trying to carve your spot in the market, Insightly might be just what you are looking for. For starters, it’s cloud-based software, so you don’t need to deal with any setup, updates, or maintenance of any kind.

The solution offers plenty of useful features that include contact management, task management, pipeline management, opportunity reports, and more to help your business achieve its goals. The solution also enables you to track deliverables to customers and get an overview of your business.

Insightly focuses on helping businesses improve customer communication and make collaboration within the organization as seamless and efficient as it could get.

As for contact management, you will be able to get a holistic 360-degree view of your customers, check their backgrounds, their communication history with you, and other data that can help you close deals more efficiently.

Insightly also makes it easy for your business to grow its presence on social media as it supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (and it even supported Google+, may it rest in peace).

Insightly offers mobile applications for devices running Android, iPad, and even Kindle to help your agents keep track of everything while they’re out of the office.

What really makes Insightly an excellent option for small real estate companies, in particular, is that they offer a free plan as well as a free trial. Of course, their free plan has some limitations, but it’s a good place to start, and you can always upgrade if you want to.

Less Annoying CRM

It’s in the name: This is a less annoying CRM software than its competitors. The solution focuses on being the worry-free CRM software that you really don’t need to be thinking about it too much.

How does it do that? Easy, it provides simple usability, free support, and a straightforward pricing strategy. Setting it up can literally take a few minutes, and then you are ready to go.

It offers contact management and sales force automation and capabilities. It will help your business consolidate all of the information you have about your prospects and customers in one place where it’s easily accessible by your agents and other team members.

Less Annoying CRM comes with several modules for managing tasks, notes, calendars, events, and leads. Thanks to many configurations and customization options, you will also be able to modify it to suit your business’s needs.

Less Annoying CRM simplicity is the game’s name, but this doesn’t compromise the functionality or solution’s features. They offer a free trial, so you can take it for a test drive before making your final decision.

Wise Agent

Wise CRM Software

Wise Agent is a CRM solution that was designed specifically for real estate. The solution provides excellent lead tracking, transaction management, marketing automation, and pipeline management.

It provides all the features a real estate agent needs to engage and nurture their leads. Still, it acknowledges that real estate agents are not marketing experts and don’t need to be, so the software does away with the complexity of other CRM solutions.

Managing Email Marketing Campaigns is easy with The Wise Agent to initiate engagement and follow-up with your customers to keep them involved in the buying cycle.

Wise Agent’s user-friendly calendar is designed to keep all your agents on the same page as it synchronizes all their calendars in real-time, so they can easily check availability.

And because Social Media is where your customers are, The Wise agents will use the emails you have of your contacts and search through profiles on different social media sites. It will then import any profiles that match these emails.

The Wise Agent has a simple layout that’s designed to streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency.

The Wise Agent is really a CRM solution designed specifically for real estate, but it has drawbacks. For businesses that rely heavily on analytics and numbers, you should know that the reporting offered by the Wise Agent is not as detailed or thorough as those of its competitors.


Are you looking for an advanced CRM solution that offers advanced marketing tools as well? Then, you might have just found it. LionDesk offers advanced marketing features such as texts and video emails and many other marketing automation features.

LionDesk is an integrated CRM platform for real estate professionals that makes client management easier by tracking your emails, phone calls, and messages in the one simply searchable platform.

They also offer features such as social media lookup – similar to what the Wise Agent offers –, autoresponders, click-to-call, and email drip campaigns.

As for their marketing features, LionDesk allows Real Estate agents to share information such as new property listings with buyers based on their information about their buyers and their preferences.

LionDesk also comes with a team-friendly calendar that offers reminders and movement tracking, but both are available only with the more premium packages.

This is a relatively nice-to-use solution thanks to its nicely laid interface that give you the information you need without you needing to jump through hoops to get it. However, there’s a learning curve to it, but most would say that it is worth a bit of effort for you to get all the benefits of the solution’s features.

LionDesk also offers excellent integrations with third-party apps and services.

Some of these available integrations include Facebook Ads, Zillow, Trulia, and Zapier. These integrations extend the solution’s functionality, and they are part of their mission to expand the big sales picture by capturing all leads in one place.


Propertybase is a CRM solution based on Salesforce and uses an IDX website to shuffle your leads. It offers a robust, one-stop CRM and marketing automation combined with sales reporting and transaction recording.

Since it’s based on Salesforce, it’s ideal for those who already have a bit of experience with customer relationship management software. In other words, this is a solution that is aimed at large real estate organizations.

Enterprise-grade contact and lead management features let you capture leads from your real estate website and route them to suitable agents, track social media feeds, create detailed contact profiles, and build custom dashboards and reports.

Propertybase comes with a wide range of advanced features that give users a lot of power, but it comes with the hefty price of a steep learning curve. As a result, inexperienced users will have to seriously invest time learning the solution if they want to get the most of it.

There’s also a lack of timely customer reports, something many of its competitors offer, especially on the enterprise level.

Customer support is available via a ticket system. In addition, a large online library is available for users who are willing to figure things out themselves, which is probably a good idea since users reported that the customer support team’s responses could take up to 48 hours.

With that being Said, Propertybase does offer a 14-day free trial, so you could try the solution and its features before making a final decision on the matter.



Score is more than just a CRM solution. It’s a business management system that helps small and medium businesses succeed and grow. It is designed to be one platform that users can control all their businesses using it.

The solution allows businesses to manage their projects and clients and track their performance easily.

Scoro offers a wide range of features, including customer relationship management, work scheduling, tracking, collaboration, project management, advanced reporting, and quoting & billing.

The software’s tracking and reporting features are comprehensive and detailed, so it gives you insightful but actionable data that you can use to make informed decisions that drive your business’s growth.

The solution also offers multi-currency and multi-language support, making it a great choice for international or local businesses with remote agents and team members.

The pride and Joy of this solution are the Control Hub. Calendar events, tasks, key performance data, account information, and many other aspects of your business are all displayed neatly in this Control Hub.

Scoro is a great choice for any business because it gives users complete control over all the business processes and makes it easier for them to correct any errors and work on any inefficiencies they can find.


Apptivo CRM Software

With Apptivo, you can create and manage as many customers as you want. The solution aims to offer an easy and low-cost approach to small and midsized businesses to run their businesses efficiently.

The solution makes collaboration easier and engaging clients with a smoother and more effective process. With Apptivo, assigning clients to the right agents becomes easier than ever, managing new and already-existing customers.

Apptivo allows you to manage all customer communications from one place, from which you can also read all customer agreements in detail. Apptivo also gives your agents a smooth path to nurture relationships with future buyers and improve your business’s sales effectiveness.

Apptivo is customer-oriented, meaning it puts a great deal of focus on increasing customer satisfaction to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Features such as agents’ and team members’ ability to communicate directly from the app with customers mean that agents can save time and effort to use instead to establish meaningful connections with their clients.

Since they offer a free trial and a free plan, Apptivo is a great CRM software for small real estate agencies. Of course, this free plan has its limitations, such as the number of users maxed out at three, but it still offers reporting, support, and all the basic features a small business needs.


BIGContacts by ProProfs is the perfect CRM solution for real estate agents that value simplicity. 

This CRM software is straightforward to use and can keep track of all your meetings, events, and pending activities. By automating many of your repetitive tasks, BIGContacts can free up more time for selling.

You can keep all the contact information organized and access it appropriately to make more sales. Every customer interaction can become more personalized with the implementation of BIGContacts. It also allows you to access the social media profiles of your contacts to understand their likes and preferences. The cherry on top is its marketing integration, allowing you to reach new prospects and sell more properties. Several real estate agents trust BIGContacts for generating leads, managing listings, and making more sales. 

BIGContacts Features:

  • Contact management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Marketing automation
  • Custom data fields
  • Email templates 
  • Automated reminders 
  • Customer segmentation
  • Lead nurturing 
  • Remote access
  • Tracking calendar, tasks, and communication  

BIGContacts Pricing:

  • BIG– $5/user/month (billed annually)
  • BIGGER– $15/user/month (billed annually)
  • BIGGEST– $25/user/month (billed annually)

Final Conclusion

After studying this list, you should recognize two or three options that best fit the bill for what you need to advance in real estate sales. Next, you should give each of these real estate CRMs a test drive, either by using a free version or signing up for a trial. Finally, scale how each software fits within your sales process, and then make a decision.

Now, you know the best real estate CRM software to manage your real estate business.

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