How GDPR Is Affecting Email Marketing

How GDPR Is Affecting Email Marketing

GDPR is an abbreviation for General Data Protection Regulation. The term GDPR is impacting fear in marketing teams worldwide because of the changes effected in their rules.  It’s a law […]

How To Navigate Customers In Different Regions

How To Navigate Customers In Different Regions

With the current highs of technological advancement, it’s common for businesses to have a broad customer base. The more prominent brands have customers across the globe, and others have regional […]

eCommerce Business

6 Tools You Need to Start Your eCommerce Business

There has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. If you’re thinking about opening your online store, you’re probably excited about bringing your unique products and services […]

CRM Software for Real Estate

14 Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2021

Real Estate CRM software is a contact management system that will help real estate businesses manage leads throughout the pipeline to ensure their prospects are engaged and not lose sales opportunities. […]

email marketing tips for startup

Useful Email Marketing Tips for Startups

The last thing that startups think about is a marketing plan to promote the finished product. Development and upgrades, search for investments, and first customers take 24 hours a day. […]