Best Virtual Mailbox Services & Business Addresses

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

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Virtual mailbox service is essential for individuals, digital nomads, travelers, and business owners. This digital mail service can keep your postal mail and packages accessible and safe, offering more than just mail scanning services.

A virtual mailbox company will provide you with a real physical mailing address to receive incoming mail and packages for a monthly fee and even offer mail handling, scan mail packages, managing your mail, and forwarding mail anywhere.

Discover what virtual mailbox companies are, how virtual mailbox works, how much a virtual mailbox costs, and the best virtual mailbox service.

Best Virtual Mailboxes & Virtual Business Addresses

1) iPostal1


iPostal1 is our top choice for a virtual mailbox service because it offers more addresses, provides more features, and is a great value, with plans starting at only $9.99 monthly.

With over 2,500 addresses in all 50 states and other countries, iPostal1 is the leading virtual mailbox provider worldwide. Great for business or personal use.

iPostal1 offers a variety of plans. But, of course, you get the convenience of virtual mail services with any plan.

  • Your new virtual mailbox address is a real-street address where postal mail and packages are received and stored securely.
  • You see the outside image of every mail item received. Then, with a few clicks, you can request to open and scan mail content, forward, shred, discard, store, or pick up. Scanned mail content is delivered as a high-quality PDF to your digital mailbox.  
  • Their digital mailbox service shows real-time shipping prices for all U.S. locations, so you can pick the best option to meet your needs and budget.
  • If you prefer an address at a prestigious office building or coworking space, iPostal1 offers those, too.

iPostal1 Pricing

  • Green, $9.99/mo OR $99/yr
  • Blue, $14.99/mo OR $149/yr
  • Silver, $24.99/mo OR $249/yr
  • Gold, $39.99/mo OR $399/yr
  • You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal.

*Best virtual mailbox provider overall.

2) Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is one of the world’s leading virtual mailbox services that should meet all your needs. They offer standard features, such as mail scanning, recycling and shredding, and mail and package forwarding service.

The virtual mail service offers unlimited online and physical storage for 14-30 days. In addition, some locations have “Check deposit” options.

Anytime Mailbox has over 1400 international locations with real street addresses that you can use to receive mail. They are available in most major cities in the US, including New York, California, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and more. Also, you can find global locations such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and others.

  • Anytime Mailbox provides an easy-to-use online dashboard to manage your virtual mailbox from anywhere. You can view your mail, track packages, and manage your account settings from one place.
  • Anytime Mailbox has a network of mailbox locations in cities worldwide.
  • Anytime Mailbox provides secure storage for your incoming mail and packages. You can store your mail and packages with Anytime Mailbox for as long as you need and access them online anytime.
  • Anytime Mailbox also offers a mobile app that allows you to manage your virtual mailbox on the go.

Anytime Mailbox Pricing

Anytime Mailbox is considered one of the cheapest virtual mailbox services. They have different locations with different prices starting from $5.99/month.

*Best for freelancers, digital nomads, online shoppers, and people looking for international locations.

3) Incfile


With a virtual business address from Incfile, you will get a stable real street address you can give suppliers, banks, customers, government agencies, and others. You can enjoy the benefits of mail scanning and a virtual mailbox wherever you are.

*Any bank checks, credit, or debit cards will be mail forwarded (via USPS) to the contact address on file.

Incfile offers virtual mailbox services in 22 states in the US. However, they don’t provide any locations outside the US.

  • With Incfile’s virtual address service, you get a professional business address for your business correspondence.
  • Incfile can receive incoming mail on your behalf and forward it to an address of your choosing.
  • Incfile can also scan your mail and upload it to your online dashboard, allowing you to view it from anywhere.
  • Setting up the Incfile virtual address service is quick and easy. Once you sign up for the service, you’ll receive your new address and can use it immediately.

Incfile has been in business for over a decade and offers the lowest cost of LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, and Non-Profit Incorporation Services, starting at $0 plus state fees. Since launching in 2004, Incfile has helped more than 250,000 businesses get off the ground. Incfile staff is familiar with entity formation requirements in all 50 states, including Washington.

IncFile Pricing

  • $29 per month – with unlimited mail scanning.

*Best for small businesses, digital nomads, and solopreneurs who deal with small amounts of mail and looking for international access to their mail.

4) Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mail address service offering a mail forwarding service and a digital mailbox address to scan and manage your postal mail online. In addition, they offer various service levels, such as incoming envelope full-page scans and recipients.

Traveling Mailbox offers a feature called ScanPak; here is how it works: they send a prepaid envelope to you, so you can fill it with all the papers that are lying around, but you don’t want to lose, like your business cards, notes, and so one. Then, after you return this envelope to them, they will scan everything you sent and upload it for you – all within 24 hours of receiving your envelope.

Like other virtual mailbox services, you get a real street address instead of a P.O. box for your postal mail scanning services here.

  • You can view your mail online from anywhere and choose whether to have it opened, scanned, forwarded, or shredded.
  • Traveling Mailbox offers a digital signature service that allows you to sign and send documents online.
  • Traveling Mailbox allows you to deposit checks remotely using their check deposit service. You can scan the check using the Traveling Mailbox app, and they will deposit it into your designated bank account.
  • Traveling Mailbox provides secure storage for your mail and packages.

Traveling Mailbox Pricing

*All plans include Junk mail filtering and free mail shredding.

  • Basic Plan: $15/mo
  • Extended Plan: $25/mo
  • Small Business Plan: $55/mo

*Best for third-party integrations and people who receive a large amount of junk mail they don’t wish to receive directly at home.

5) Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a US virtual business address provider and offers virtual office services. The company offers a registered agent address, physical mail forwarding service, and a virtual phone line for your business. They operate in all 50 states, and you can choose locations, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and others.

  • With Northwest Registered Agent’s virtual address service, you get a professional business address to use for your business correspondence.
  • You get a real physical address as your official business address.
  • You can view and manage documents online, providing a secure and private way to access your business documents.
  • You also get access to a customer service team that can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Northwest Registered Agent also provides full-service business formation packages to establish your business in any US state.

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

  • Virtual business addresses from NorthWest Registered Agent start from $29 per month.

*Best for small businesses and solopreneurs who require a business address to incorporate.

6) PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is one of the best virtual mailboxes that allows you to view and manage your postal mail online. Email and push notifications are sent instantaneously, so you’ll never miss a vital mail delivery again.

PostScan Mail offers unlimited cloud storage for all of your scanned content. You can also walk into their locations to pick up your packages. In addition, you can choose from hundreds of locations all over the US and globally, such as California, Florida, New York, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Canada, the UK, and many others.

  • You can view your mail online from anywhere and choose whether to have it opened, scanned, forwarded, or shredded.
  • They also accept packages on your behalf, and you can have them forwarded to your virtual mailbox address.
  • If you receive mail you don’t need or want, PostScan Mail can shred it.
  • They also offer an online notary service required when applying for a virtual mailbox service.

PostScan Mail Pricing

*All plans include unlimited cloud storage and unlimited recycling of junk mail.

  • Starter, $10/mo
  • Standard, $20/mo
  • Premium, $30/mo

*Best for package forwarding and for those who are looking for unlimited cloud storage.

7) Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices is a virtual business address that is highly affordable, with 40+ countries to choose your address (US, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, and UK).

Alliance provides recognized virtual business addresses, mail handling, mail forwarding, office space, meeting room space, live receptionist services, business phone numbers, and a virtual phone system.

A virtual business address through Alliance is used for other functions besides mail. For example, one of the enormous benefits of using an address at a recognized commercial building rather than a PO box is that you can use it on business license applications, credit agreements, entity formation, and other purposes.

  • You can get a professional business address in a prime location.
  • You can receive mail and other documents at a secure, private mailbox address.
  • Alliance Virtual Offices provides mail and package handling services, which means you can have your mail delivered to your virtual address and forwarded to you wherever you are.
  • You can manage your virtual mailbox account online. This includes viewing and managing your mail and package deliveries, scheduling conference room reservations, and accessing your live receptionist service.

Alliance Virtual Offices Pricing

  • Virtual business addresses start from $49 per month.

*Best for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for more professional virtual office services and solutions.

8) My Company Works


MyCompanyWorks was founded in 2001 with one simple mission: to make starting a business as simple, fast, and inexpensive as possible.

My Company Work offers a virtual office service starting at $39/month, including a physical mailing address in Nevada or Wyoming. The service lets you forward your mail weekly, discounted shipping rates for packages, and phone and fax numbers for your business.

  • Real street address in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • They can forward all received mail weekly to any US location (monthly to international locations).
  • You can manage all your mail online.

The company can also help business owners file the necessary documents to form an LLC or corporation within minutes. It’s perfect for online companies without a physical presence or home-based businesses that want to separate personal and business addresses.

MyCompanyWorks Pricing

  • My Company Work offers virtual office service for $39 per month.

*Best for Small businesses, LLCs, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, and Nonprofits.

9) Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail offers online postal mailboxes and mail forwarding services. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for an alternative to the traditional post office box. They offer mail scanning, forwarding, and secure shredding features.

  • Earth Class Mail owns locations in 19 US States, such as California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and more.
  • Earth Class Mail integrates check deposits with QuickBooks Online and easily records payments.
  • It can also integrate with various other apps and services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Salesforce.
  • Users can request that their mail be scanned and sent to them digitally or forwarded to a physical address of their choice.

A great feature of Earth Class Mail is their CheckStream which can automate your check deposits to save time and improve your workflow. After receiving the mail scanning, you can give them directions on how to deposit these checks.

Unfortunately, Earth Class Mail virtual mail service is available only in the US and doesn’t have locations outside the United States.


*All plans offer 30 days of physical mail storage and free mail shredding services.

  • Personal Mailbox $19/month.
  • Shared Mailbox $29/month
  • Premium Mailbox $79/month

*Best for those who are looking for real street addresses in the US and don’t need to handle packages.

10) Virtual Post Mail


Virtual Post Mail gives you a permanent street address to use as your online postal mailbox, and you get any package sent to this address.

Virtual Post Mail makes it easy for anyone to receive your goods and services delivered to you anywhere. That is especially useful for ex-pats outside the US who can’t get their products from U.S. retailers that don’t ship outside the country because they will get whatever they want to live without worrying whether the retailer ships outside of the US.

  • They offer unlimited digital storage and free 60-day physical mail storage.
  • Free smart address tags.
  • They offer a mail scanning and archiving service, which allows users to have their mail scanned and archived for future reference.
  • Check deposit service, which costs $10 per deposit.

VirtualPostMail Pricing

  • Starter, $20 per month

*Best for digital nomads and online businesses who are looking for a mailing address in the US only.


Other Digital Mailbox Services Recommendations

US Global Mail

US Global Mail

US Global Mail is an established company in the U.S. used by thousands of travelers and businesses. Their great reputations showcase their ability to provide ex-pats and businesses with high-quality mail service that you can trust.

  • US Global Mail provides users with a physical address in the United States, which can be used for shipping and mailing purposes.
  • It can integrate with various other apps and services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • All mail is scanned in a secure facility, and users can require a signature upon delivery.
  • US Global Mail offers a check depositing service, allowing users to deposit checks remotely by sending a scanned image to US Global Mail.

However, even though the service is one of the cheapest virtual mailbox companies you can find, not to mention they only offer one location in Houston, Texas, which is worth considering when comparing virtual mailbox providers.

US Global Mail Pricing

  • Basic: $14.99 billed monthly OR $9.95/mo billed annually.

*All plans include check deposit and free mail package storage for a limited time.

Check US Global Review



USA2me is a virtual mailbox service that provides users with a physical shipping address that they can use to receive their mail and packages.

Their mailbox service is pretty simple to use. You start by signing up for their service, and USA2me will provide you with a physical address in the USA. You can then use this physical mailing address to receive your mail, purchases, and packages.

  • USA2me offers multiple addresses in different states and cities in the United States.
  • They can receive mail and packages on behalf of customers and forward them to their addresses anywhere in the world.
  • USA2me can be a personal shopper for customers who want to purchase products from U.S.-based online stores but can’t receive them directly.
  • USA2me also offers virtual office services, including virtual phone numbers, fax services, and email services.

USA2me pricing

  • Basic (No monthly fee) 

You get an address in the USA and manage your mail online, but you don’t get free shipments. Instead, they will store your mail for free for 30 days.

There’s a $23 one-time setup fee.

  • Standard ($10/month) 

Everything in the basic plan, plus the ability to discard junk mail for free, will extend your storage-free period to 45 days.

There’s a $15 one-time setup fee.

  • Premium ($35/month) 

You get everything with the standard plan and one free monthly shipment. The storage-free period is also extended to 60 days.

There’s a $15 one-time setup fee.

  • Ultimate ($60/month) 

This plan gives you everything in the premium plan, but you will get the lowest shipping rates (lower than all the other plans).

The setup fee is still $15; the storage-free period is now 90 days.


Physical Address

PhysicalAddress is a cloud-based virtual mailbox and virtual mailing address service provider. You can access your mail across your computer, mobile, and tablet devices. In addition, they provide iOS and Android apps.

  • PhysicalAddress can receive mail on behalf of its customers and then forward it to their preferred address, whether that’s in the U.S. or overseas.
  • Customers can choose their preferred shipping method and track their packages online.
  • You can store mail and packages for up to 30 days for free.
  • They also offer a virtual office service in some selected locations in the U.S.

PhysicalAddress pricing

  • Plan 30: $7.98/mo

*All plans include Free local pickup, Free registered agent, Free secure shredding, and a 30-Day money-back guarantee.


Virtual Mailboxes & Business Addresses Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox service provides individuals, digital nomads, freelancers, and business owners with a real street address to manage their incoming mail. A digital mailbox enables individuals and corporates to improve receiving mail and packages globally. For example, if you are a frequent traveler or your business is located outside the US. You need a virtual address to view and manage your postal mail online.

A virtual mailbox address gives you a more prestigious address in a big city. It will also give you an anonymous mailbox to keep your personal address safe.

What is the Difference Between a Virtual Mailbox and a P.O. Box?

  • You have to pick up your mail with a PO box.
  • Business owners can’t register their business with a PO Box address.
  • Banks don’t accept PO Box addresses as a business address.
  • You can’t receive packages from third-party couriers like FedEx using a PO box.
  • Individual government institutions don’t accept PO Box addresses as your business address in their paperwork.
  • A virtual mailbox protects your privacy; no one knows your home address.

What is the Best Virtual Mailbox Service?

iPostal1 is our top choice for a virtual mailbox service because it offers more addresses, provides more features, and is a great value, with plans starting at $9.99 monthly.

What is the Best Virtual Mailbox for Small Businesses?

The best virtual mailbox for business is iPostal1, which costs only $9.99 monthly if you are not considering a Registered Agent Service option. However, if you need a Registered Agent Service, you should consider Incfile, which costs $29 per month. as they offer fantastic packages for small businesses.

What is the Best Free Virtual Mailbox Service?

Planet Express offers a virtual mailing address in the US with its free plan. They have addresses in California, Oregon, and the UK. It is the best option for businesses that mails a lot of packages. Of course, you can’t forward mail or packages for free, but you can have a virtual mail address in the US or UK with ten days of free storage.

How Does a Virtual Mailbox Work?

Virtual mailboxes provide you with a professional permanent mailing address. The mail arrives at the virtual mail service provider, scans the envelopes, and then uploads them to keep track of your correspondence. You can also choose to shred or recycle your mail.

Some virtual mailbox providers offer a PO box address, while others provide a real physical street address which is often required for many banks and official government correspondence.

You can assign a virtual address as a US citizen or resident. However, you can assign a virtual business address, regardless of nationality or location. All you need is to register for a virtual address online and enjoy an innovative mail forwarding service experience.

How Much Does a Virtual Mailbox Cost?

Virtual mailboxes like iPostal1, Anytime Mailbox, and PostScan Mail charge fees ranging from $5.99 to $30 monthly. It depends on your chosen physical address location and your preferred extra services. 

Yes. Virtual mailboxes are completely legal and registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA) with the USPS.

Are Virtual Mailboxes Safe?

Yes. Virtual mailboxes are safe because companies with secured facilities by repeatable companies offer them. In addition, these companies have security methods and policies to ensure the safety and privacy of your mail and packages.

In the US., every virtual mailbox provider has to follow strict USPS guidelines, and there are consequences when they fail to keep users’ information safe.

Does USPS Offer a Virtual Mailbox?

USPS offers a virtual PO box service. However, you can’t receive shipments from other carriers with USPS, which is not a good option for businesses.

Do Banks Accept Virtual Mail Addresses?

Yes. Most banks and credit card companies allow virtual mail addresses to be used as your personal address on the account.

Can I Use a Virtual Address for My LLC?

Yes, you can use a virtual address service for your LLC. Virtual business addresses are real physical addresses; you can register your LLC or any business at that location.

Can I Use a Virtual Mailbox Address for DUNS Number?

You need a home address and business address to get your DUNS number (Data Universal Numbering System). However, that may be difficult for some business owners who don’t have a permanent residence or a commercial location.

You can rent a virtual mailbox or a virtual office with a physical street address. You can use this address as your business mailing address and, at the same time, apply for a DUNS number with it.

Who Can Benefit from Virtual Mailbox?

Everyone can find one or more benefits from this service; it’s not a product that would benefit just one party.


Virtual mailboxes are designed to professionally serve ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, businesses that seek overseas presence, and home-based businesses. Moreover, virtual mailboxes are ideal for business people who travel around to meet customers and partners and for industries to reduce office costs and space.

Virtual mailboxes value your time and save your effort. Your business card, website, and marketing materials can receive a distinguished real address in the US. The virtual mailing address provider receives your courier, scan it, forward it, and stores it for you. Besides, it keeps you connected with your customers and expands statewide.


For freelancers working out of a coworking space, having a virtual mail service is a way to avoid having mail delivered to their home addresses. That is helpful for those business owners that don’t get reliable mail service or package delivery at home.


Do you travel a lot? One essence of our modern life is moving from one place to another. You may be born in one place but live or work in another. It is also very redundant that you move on holidays or for vacations. You can now keep informed of all your incoming letters, postal cards, and urgent and crucial mail through virtual mailing address services, even when you are not around.

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