12 Best Virtual Mailbox Services for Businesses and Travelers

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Virtual mailbox service is essential for individuals, digital nomads, travelers, and businesses as well. This digital mailbox service or virtual mail service can keep your vital mail accessible and safe, and they offer more than just scanning services.

They act as the face of your business, which is why you need something reliable, secure, and featureful. Luckily for you, plenty of options fit this description and make business owners happy with what they provide.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox service provides individuals and business owners with a real street address or virtual PO Box. A digital mailbox enables individuals and corporates to improve receiving postal mail and packages anywhere in the world. For example, if you are a frequent traveler or your business is located outside the US. You definitely need a virtual address to view and manage your postal mail and packages.

A virtual mailing address gives you a more prestigious address located in a big city. It will also give you an anonymous mailbox to keep your home address safe.

12 Best Virtual Mailbox Services

  • PostScan Mail
  • Anytime Mailbox
  • Incfile
  • Traveling Mailbox
  • iPostal1
  • Alliance Virtual Offices
  • Virtual Post Mail
  • Earth Class Mail
  • USA2me
  • USGlobalMail
  • PO Box Zone
  • PhysicalAddress

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is a virtual mailbox service that gives you the convenience of viewing and manages your postal mail online from anywhere. Email and push notifications are sent instantaneously so that you’ll never miss an important mail delivery again. In addition, it gives you complete control online through a virtual mailbox with options to open and scan, forward, recycle or shred your unwanted junk mail.

PostScan Mail offers unlimited cloud storage for all of your scanned content. You can also walk into any of their locations to pick up your packages. Their platform provides a robust mail and package forwarding system with real-time shipping rates and shipment tracking to 400+ locations.

PostScan Mail also offers to shred personal documents for free to protect against identity theft, which adds another layer of security and gives you peace of mind knowing that no one other than you will even lay an eye on your important financial, personal documents.

They also offer unlimited access to all your scanned items for as long as your account is active, meaning that you get completely free online mail storage, whether they are scans of the documents of the envelopes.

Check PostScan Mail reviews.

In addition, you can choose from hundreds of locations all over the US and globally, such as California, Florida, New York, Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Canada, Switzerland, UK, and many others.

Another good thing is the filters and folders, which makes organizing your packages easier, so you can always find this one important piece of mail that you urgently need.

PostScan Mail Pricing:

1- Starter, $15/mo

  • Incoming mail: 30 items.
  • Open and Scan mail: 5 items.
  • Local Pickup: Varies by Location.

2- Standard, $20/mo

  • Incoming mail: 60 items.
  • Open and Scan mail: 10 items.
  • Local Pickup: Varies by Location.

3- Premium, $30/mo

  • Incoming mail: 120 items.
  • Open and Scan mail: 20 items.
  • Local Pickup: Varies by Location.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is one of the best virtual mailbox services that should meet the needs of your business. The solution offers all the standard features you could expect, such as mail scanning, recycling and shredding, and mail forwarding service.

Anytime Mailbox can also accept packages from all delivery carriers, including DHL and FedEx, and they take the security of your mail and data very seriously. 

The company offers free unlimited online storage. And they offer Free physical storage for 14-30 days (based on the location you choose). In addition, some locations have “Check deposit” options.

Anytime Mailbox has over 1000 international locations with real street addresses that you can use to receive mail. They are available in most major cities (in the United States), including New York, Chicago, California, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and more. Also, you can find global locations such as Canada, Switzerland, UK, Australia, and others.

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If you are on the road for a long time, you can still keep up with your postal mail thanks to their application for iOS and Android devices that give you the chance to access your mail from anywhere.

Anytime Mailbox Pricing:

Anytime Mailbox is considered one of the cheapest virtual mailbox services. They have different locations with different prices starting from $5.99/month (depending on the location you choose).



Incfile has been in business for over a decade and offers the lowest cost LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, and Non-Profit Incorporation Services available starting at $0 plus state fees. Since launching in 2004, Incfile has helped more than 250,000 businesses get off the ground. Incfile staff is familiar with entity formation requirements in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


  • Due diligence
  • Business entity filings
  • Registered agent service (free for the first year)
  • File business taxes
  • Compliance
  • Company changes
  • Trademark registration
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Online access to incorporation documents 
  • Preparing & filing the articles of organization
  • Setup business bank accounts
  • Online order status tracking

IncFile Pricing

IncFile offers 3 different packages:

  • Silver (starting at $49)
  • Gold (starting at $149)
  • Platinum (starting at $299)

*Depending on the state you look to incorporate in, the fees will all be different.

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox offers postal mail forwarding and digital mailbox address. In addition, they offer various service levels, such as incoming envelope full-page scans and recipients.

Traveling Mailbox offers a feature called ScanPak; here is how it works: they send a prepaid envelope to you (home or business), so you can fill it with all the papers that are lying around, but you don’t want to lose, like your business cards, notes, and so one. Then, after you send this envelope back to them, they will scan everything you sent and then upload it for you – all within 24 hours of receiving your envelope.

Customer service is available via online chat, Skype, or even phone support. There’s also an option that allows you to check the system status through their main site if you doubt your mail portal is experiencing issues. The facility is under surveillance 24/7. While every mail is secure, they scan your mail items for junk mail and shred those.

Like other virtual mailbox services on this list, you get a real street address for your postal mail scanning services here instead of a P.O box, which you can use for anything from receiving packages to insurance purposes.

Traveling Mailbox Pricing:

Basic Plan: $15/mo:

  • 40 incoming envelopes/mo
  • 35-page scans/mo
  • 3 mailbox recipients

Extended Plan: $25/mo:

  • 100 incoming envelopes/mo
  • 80-page scans/mo
  • 5 mailbox recipients

Small Business Plan: $55/mo

  • 200 incoming envelopes/mo
  • 180-page scans/mo
  • 10 mailbox recipients

All plans include FREE mail shredding.



iPostal1 is one of the leading names in digital mailbox technology; it was the first to introduce the service back in 2007 at its shipping store, but it has had its fair share of ups and downs since then.

iPostal1 used their lead to build a network of digital mailbox locations, and they currently offer more than 2000 real mailbox addresses across the United States. You can choose from New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Utah, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get a virtual mailbox address with iPostal1, not only a PO box. The difference is that with PO boxes, you can’t register your company or receive deliveries from carriers, which is not the case with the real street address you get with iPostal1.

As a business owner, you can get a virtual business address that can be used as your mailing address for your office and manage your mail 24/7 using your computer or mobile device.

If you subscribe to their service, you will be able to get your mail and package received, stored, and handled at the mailing address of your choice. They also allow you to manage and view your mail and package online or in the application, on the same day it’s received and in just a few clicks.

You can also choose how your mail is handled; you can request to open and scan it, forward it, shred it, discard it, or store it for later pick up. Your mail is scanned in high quality, so it’s easily viewable on any screen.

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iPostal1 Pricing:

  • Green, $9.99/mo OR $99/yr
  • 30 items per month
  • Blue, $14.99/mo OR $149/yr
  • 60 items per month
  • Silver, $24.99/mo OR $249/yr
  • 120 items per month
  • Gold, $39.99/mo OR $399/yr
  • 240 items per month

*You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal.

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices is a virtual business address and virtual mailbox service extremely affordable with a choice of 40+ different countries to choose your address (United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, and UK). In addition, they got 1200+ locations, many of them in the US (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others) and other global locations.

Alliance Virtual Offices provides recognized business address, mail handling, mail forwarding, office space, meeting room space, live receptionist services, business phone numbers, and a virtual phone system.

A virtual office address through Alliance is used for various other functions besides mail. For example, one of the big benefits of using an address at a recognized commercial building rather than a PO box is that you can use it on business license applications, credit agreements, entity formation, and other purposes.

The virtual business address plan starts from $49 per month.

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail offers online postal mailboxes and mail scanning services. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for an alternative to the traditional post office box. They offer features such as mail scanning service, mail forwarding service, and secure shredding.

A great feature of Earth Class Mail is their CheckStream that can automate your check deposits to save your time and improve your workflow. After you receive the mail scanning, you can give them directions on how to deposit these checks.

Earth Class Mail will scan all the mail you receive in high resolution and optical character recognition to be readable and searchable within the application. You can also link and account and manage related mail in the application easily.

Unfortunately, Earth Class Mail works only in the US and doesn’t have locations outside the United States.

Check Earth Class Mail reviews.

Earth Class Mail Pricing

1- Personal Mailbox $19/month.

Good for expats and remote professionals.

2- Shared Mailbox $29/month

Good for families and groups of travelers.

3- Premium Mailbox $79/month

Good for small businesses and offices.

*For custom plans, check Earth Class Mail sales representatives.

Virtual Post Mail


VirtualPostMail gives you a permanent street address that you can use as your online postal mailbox and have any package sent to this address regardless of its size or delivery service used.

VirtualPostMail makes it easy for anyone to receive your goods and services delivered to you wherever you are in the world. That is especially useful for ex-pats living outside the U.S. who can’t get their products from U.S. retailers that don’t ship outside the country because they will get whatever they want live without worrying whether the retailer ships outside of the U.S. or not. In addition, they offer unlimited digital storage, free smart address tags, free registered agent service, free secure mail shredding, and free 60-day physical mail storage. 

Their pricing starts at $20.00 per month. Unfortunately, they do not have a free version. They don’t offer a free trial.

VirtualPostMail Pricing:

  • Starter, $20 per month
  • Plus, $35 per month
  • Business, $60 per month
  • Premium, $90 per month

URL: https://www.virtualpostmail.com



USA2me is a virtual mailbox service that provides users with their physical shipping address that they can use to receive their mail and packages.

Their mailbox service is pretty simple to use. You start by signing up for their service, and they will provide you with a physical address in the USA. You can then use this physical address to receive your mail, purchases, and packages.

They can also help you build a business in the USA and establish a presence. USA2me can sell your items in the USA as you can send them your inventory, and they will fulfill your orders. In addition, you will be able to ship or remail to USA customers at standard USA rates.

USA2me will receive all of your packages and then mail them to your USA mailing address and register everything to your mailbox. They can ship your items anywhere around the world.

USA2me pricing

  • Basic (No monthly fee) 

You get an address in the USA and manage your mail online, but you don’t get free shipments. Instead, they will store your mail for free for 30 days.

There’s a $23 one-time setup fee.

  • Standard ($10/month) 

Everything in the basic plan plus the ability to discard junk mail for free will extend your storage-free period to 45 days.

There’s a $15 one-time setup fee.

  • Premium ($35/month) 

You get everything with the standard plan plus 1 free shipment per month. The storage-free period is also extended to 60 days.

There’s a $15 one-time setup fee.

  • Ultimate ($60/month) 

This plan gives you everything in the premium plan, but you will get the lowest shipping rates (lower than all the other plans).

The setup fee is still $15, and the storage-free period is now 90 days.

URL: https://www.usa2me.com/

US Global Mail

US Global Mail

US Global Mail is an established company in the U.S. used by thousands of travelers and businesses. Their great reputations showcase their ability to provide expats and businesses with high-quality mail service that you can trust.

They offer unlimited scans with no hidden or extra fees. There are also no start-up fees, so you can sign up and start using the solution immediately.

However, even though the service is one of the cheapest virtual mailbox services you can find, not to mention they only offer one location in Houston, Texas, which is something worth considering when comparing virtual mailbox providers.


Basic: $9.95/mo billed annually. OR $14.99 billed monthly

  • 1 name on the account
  • Free check deposit
  • 45 days free mail storage
  • Cloud storage

Plus: $14.95/mo billed annually. OR $19.99 billed monthly

  • Add multiple family members
  • Up to 80% off on shipping prices
  • Free check deposit
  • 90 days free mail package storage
  • Cloud storage

PO Box Zone

PO Box Zone

PO Box Zone is a great solution to go paperless. You will get a real street address that you can use in your mailing. They will then receive all your mails, scan them, and upload them automatically to the cloud.

You can have them upload your documents on Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft Office.

This digital mailbox service is good for frequent travelers who are not always in the U.S. but would still like access to all their mail or small companies who would like to go paperless, protect their home address’s privacy, and even conduct their business usual.

Mail forwarding service is available in Nevada and Wyoming. The service plan is based on mail frequency.

PO Box Zone pricing

  • Lowest Cost Plan ($99/year)

For light use. Ideal for those with a small volume of packages. The price per mailout is $5.50 without postage.

  • Moderate use mail forwarding plan ($150/year) 

For people who receive a moderate number of mails. The same features, but the price per mailout drops to $2.50.

  • High-use mail forwarding plan ($250/year) 

For heavy users. No mailout or handling fees, but actual postage only for mail-out once a week.

All plans include the following:

  • Letter Scanning up to 10 pages (for $1)
  • The ability to add 6 names to your box
  • unlimited letter processing
  • Scanning Letters
  • Access to mobile apps
  • Shipping with USPS, FedEx, and DHL

URL: https://www.poboxzone.com/



PhysicalAddress.com is a cloud-based virtual mailbox and virtual mailing address service provider. You can access your mail across your computer, mobile, and tablets devices. In addition, they provide iOS and Android apps.

PhysicalAddress pricing:

  • Plan 30: $7.98/mo
  • Plan 50: $10.98/mo
  • Plan 100: $16.98/mo
  • Plan 200: $26.98/mo

All plans include Free local pickup, Free registered agent, Free secure shredding, and a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

URL: https://physicaladdress.com/

How Does a Virtual Mailbox Work?

Virtual mailbox provides you with a professional mailing service. The virtual mail service provider receives your mails, scans the envelopes, and then uploads them to keep track of your correspondences. You can also choose to shred or recycle your mails.

You can assign a virtual address if you are a citizen or a resident in the US. However, you can assign a virtual business address no matter what nationality you hold or are located. All you need is to register for a virtual address online and enjoy an innovative mail forwarding service experience.

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