Best 6 Remote Work Tools and Software to Manage Your Team

Best 6 Remote Work Tools and Software

With evolving times, work conditions have changed too. The Internet Land has opened realms of possibilities never thought of before. Well, it all sounds like science fiction until it begins!

With the onset of a global pandemic, companies and offices worldwide realized that there are more than a few ways to get work done. Luckily, one method includes working from home, where employees can work safely and in relative comfort.

Additionally, working from remote locations also reduces resource waste, transportation costs, and much more! Of course, there can be a few difficulties, too, but fortunately, you can get your office right on track with the use of a few remote team management tools!

Best Remote Work Tools and Software

  • 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software
  • ProofHub
  • Slack
  • Kickidler
  • LiveAgent

No remote team management list can begin with a name other than Despite the very incredible thing that is remote location working, a few shortcomings always hinder an organization’s smooth functioning, like a lack of tools for employee collaboration. But, this software specializes in collaboration tools that allow faster work output without much hindrance.’s credibility can be appraised because Hulu, Uber, eBay, and even BBC Studios are currently using for remote work. As a result, you can bring teams together in no time and turn plans into action. has ready-made templates that you can change and customize to your personal needs without any coding, get your teammates to work, and get all your bearings together. In addition, the site has its very own Zoom collaboration to arrange that virtual meeting without a glitch.

10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software

Managing remote teams becomes a headache when you have to hold virtual meetings with your remote groups worldwide. It gets difficult to remember the time zones of all your employees collectively. Or some employees can get confused with the time you assign them, and blunders are bound to occur.

But with 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software, you do not need a different app always to convert and check time zones. With this software time zone management feature, you will still be on time! The software allows you to know the correct time zones without error, and hence you can assign exact meeting timings. And it also allows you to sync other records and meeting times that you or your employees might have to attend so that you never fall victim to double booking. They have a Zoom video collaboration, too!


Managing the tasks assigned and reminding your employees of the roles they need to fulfill is certainly no cakewalk. It can be difficult when there is a lack of face-to-face interactions, fewer chances to motivate and mentor, or difficulties managing and accessing employees and their work. But with

ProofHub, you get the option to make a personalized list of things you expect them to do, assign tasks and dates they are due on, and, therefore, the employees stay motivated.

ProofHub’s chat tool allows the employees and managers to stay in touch without going the extra mile to maintain work conversations on another app. In addition, the chat software also allows for secure communication between employees, which can be used to fulfill group tasks and encourage employee interactions!

Prrofhub also comes with online proofing, and hence you can securely review and approve your employees’ content.


Encouraging your remote team members can be a bit difficult when they have not met each other or have not been in contact for a long time. Such conversational shortcomings immensely hinder the sharing of ideas. But with Slack’s real-time chat feature, which is acclaimed worldwide and hence the smooth flow of ideas.

The software available on both iOS and Android allows bringing all team conversations to a single place, from where you can easily collaborate and work on shared ideas.


Assessing how honestly and punctually your remote works becomes a bit difficult is no way to monitor or track their work in real-time. Kickidler brings that problem to a halt with its incredibly advanced technology.

With Kickidler, you can assess your team even better than on-site offices. The software has features like time tracking, where you efficiently analyze your team’s time to complete a task, along with worker productivity analysis and productivity dynamics. The best feature of the software is that you can track your employee computers in real-time. The software allows you to record your team’s computers’ on-screen actions, and so you know how honestly the team is working.

The software has brought a feature in 2020, named Autokik, where the employees are aware of their progress and productivity statistics. In addition, the software monitors time spent on other things, like excessive time spent reading news, etc., and notifies the employee.


Ranked no.1 as the live chat software of 2020, LiveAgent software specializes in personalized chat features and highlights customer help desk and support conversations. In addition, the software has an impressive 180 special customer help desk features, including a built-in call center, too!

The software spreads incoming messages and calls evenly throughout the workforce to ensure no long waiting lines. In addition, these remote work tools & software usually tend to have social media alliances to understand customers more deeply.

Remote team management has become a salient need of times today. It can be a bit of a sophisticated task, but not entirely gruesome. With these best remote team management tools and software, manage your dream team easily and hassle-free!

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