Best Project Management Courses for Professionals in 2022

project management courses

With emerging technologies, a more significant number of job opportunities have created an increase in the competition. As a result, there have been different approaches, principles, themes, and processes that are being practiced around the globe. Establishing this fact, even the professionals have to compete and gain a trademark to be recognized as certified professionals. This demands the need for certifications.

As mentioned earlier, there has been an increase in job openings. One of the significant fields in the project management sector. Advanced project-oriented roles have paved the way for many freshers to advance in their careers. These roles required a perfect skill-set, principle, and experience to blend well. This is the reason why project management training courses are present. They may be in the form of e-learning, offline training programs, or a hybrid platform.

The project management courses provide certifications that represent the completion of the course with the said key aspects of project management. As of 2022, they may not be mandatory, but the Project Management Course trademark will portray the candidate as a professional who underwent training and has the required key aspects and experience. These pre-requisites will give you the dream job you have been looking for. Moreover, as the certified professionals impart their knowledge, the candidates can also gain experience by working under them and earning a letter of recommendation.

When it comes to making an advancement in the project management career, many questions are asked. Depending on the roles that the candidate wants to apply for, they can enroll themselves in the Project Management Certification Course. Having to choose from different certifications from various websites is a cumbersome task.

Here is a list of all the Project Management Courses a beginner or a professional can undertake to be certified as an expert in the Project Management Roles.

1- PMP® – Project Management Professional:

Project Management Professional is a certification that allows individuals and employers to be certified in Project Management skills. Being one of the prime project management certifications, it is designed by professionals who are highly experienced in this field. Many have wondered why this course is recommended and what it offers.

The skills that the individuals majoring in who have undergone the PMP exam are:

  • People: The PMP certification awards the individuals to move forward by creating an organized environment and communication skills.
  • Process: While working on a project, it is crucial to have an excellent working understanding of the technical skills needed to put the project together. The PMP certification aims to provide exactly that.
  • Business Environment: The PMP aims to connect the strategies and projects. It creates a proper environment that allows you to experience those criteria.

2- PRINCE2® Foundation Exam:

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam examines whether a candidate is perfect for the Project Management Team with the learning of this course, principles, experiences, and themes. This allows the candidates to assess their existing knowledge and improvise their skill-set if needed. PRINCE2 Foundation course is an essential yet significant professional certificate. Here are a few points that the PRINCE2 tackles:

  • Principles
  • Techniques
  • Themes
  • Project Management Team Roles
  • Product Management
  • Tailoring
  • Benefits and Overview of PRINCE2

3- PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

As the PRINCE2 Approach has established its essence in today’s growing projects, many organizations and institutes have accepted this ongoing development in the trend of methodologies. This exam is helpful for the candidates in understanding the principles, cost management, time management, resource management, and analyzing the worst-case scenarios in a Project Management Team. The candidates who are already a member of the Project Management Team, or have a role and experience in managing the projects and leading a team, are best suited for this role. This, however, allows you to apply the principles, techniques and themes learned in a real-world environment, or in this case, the PRINCE2 Environment. AXELOS Ltd accredits it.

4- CAPM® – Certified Associate in Project Management

As CAPM is certified by the Project Management Institute, it is one of the basic certificates that lays the foundation for earning other certifications. Therefore, if a candidate is looking for a combination of substantial learning opportunities and a certificate to earn, that is not too overwhelming. CAPM is one of the best fundamental courses. One of the advantages of applying for this course is that it doesn’t mandate providing any previously earned certificate or having any knowledge or experience in the sector of Project Management.

5- PPM – Professional in Project Management

The PPM, accredited by the Global Association of Quality Management, is one of the fundamental Project Management courses that provides a candidate with a dive into IT Management, case studies, principles, themes, techniques, and processes. It increases the candidates’ skill-set by honing their time management skills, cost and resource management skills, analyzing models, and taking risks.


Every recognized company and renowned industry needs skilled and certified Project Management Professionals and Experts with experience. Be one of the best certified experts by getting trained by the professionals and mentors in KnowledgeHut. In addition, it would help if you always tried to grow and hone your skills, irrespective of your field.

Project management is the backbone of almost every company or organization. Hence, the requirement of project managers with prestigious certifications in the field will always remain in demand. They will receive the best salary and high job roles in these organizations with the above certification mentioned. So, stop wasting your time and start working.

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