Best Package Forwarding Services from the US to Canada

Top Package Forwarding Services from US to Canada (1)

Have you ever tried shopping online from a US store only to discover the merchant doesn’t ship to Canada? Or are the shipping rates too high? Canadians often face restrictions when shopping from e-commerce stores in other countries. But that’s where package forwarding comes in.

Since many package forwarding services are available, which offers the best services from the US to Canada?

This article discusses the best package forwarding services from the US to Canada, how the service works, and everything in between.

What is a Package Forwarding Service?

A package forwarding service is a company that provides you with a US shipping address.

Thanks to package forwarding services, you can shop online from any US store and have the item forwarded to your Canadian address, whether or not the merchant ships to your location. This allows you to enjoy US-only sales offers and discounts, lower shipping rates, and more.

Long story short, Canadians can now access US-only stores and all the perks they come with.

Best Package Forwarding Services from the US to Canada



Stackry is one of our best options for Canadian customers because the company offers reliable worldwide shipping with a free US address.

After registration, you get your US address and pay zero monthly or membership fees. You only pay whenever you use the service, and the rates are highly competitive.

  • Consolidation: Consolidation costs $2 per package
  • Repackaging: $5 per package
  • Storage: Free storage for up to 45 days
  • Payment: pay per use

You may also get to pay special handling fees depending on the fragility of the package.

Stackry has been shipping packages internationally for over a decade and has discounted rates with major carriers like DHL, FedEx, USPS, and Aramex. Stackry has established deep customer trust and has over 19,000 verified 5-star reviews.

Customers who ship to Stackry’s New Hampshire-based warehouse pay no U.S. sales tax on purchases, a savings of up to 7.25%.

While Stackry does not offer a subscription, frequent shippers can contact their customer support for volume and business discounts.

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Forward2Me is a package forwarding service located in the UK and has warehouses in the US, the UK, Turkey, and Japan. On registration, the forwarding company gives you an address in any of these countries, so you can shop at any online store that ships to any of these countries. Of course, you’d hardly find an eCommerce store that doesn’t.

  • Consolidation: FREE
  • Repackaging: $2+VAT per package
  • Storage: Free storage for up to 30 days
  • Payment: pay per use

Forward2me offers a free membership when you sign up to get an address in the US, the UK, or other countries where they are operated. If you change your mind after forwarding the package to their warehouse, they can return it to the seller with no extra fees.

You are charged based on item weight and dimensions—no extra fees.

Box On Wings

BoxOnWings Parcel Forwarding Service

Founded in 2023, Box On Wings aims to simplify online shopping for individuals worldwide who desire to shop from the US but reside elsewhere. Box On Wings gets our highest recommendation because it offers a very good worldwide shipping service with affordable pricing for shipping, package consolidation, and repacking services. Its top-tier parcel forwarding service bridges the gap between borders. It brings the US shopping experience to your doorstep, no matter where you are. 

  • Consolidation: $4 total for any order, regardless of the number of packages.
  • Repackaging: $4 per package
  • Storage: Free storage for up to 100 days
  • Payment: pay per use

Box On Wings offers a range of standout features that cater to a diverse clientele. To begin, registration is completely free, ensuring accessibility for all users. What truly sets Box On Wings apart is its competitive shipping fees and strategic partnerships with renowned freight giants such as FedEx, guaranteeing reliable and efficient service. Notably, these shipping fees are 20% lower than those of other companies, making it an economically attractive choice.

*Get a 10% discount for a lifetime

Planet Express

Planet Express

Planet Express offers you a free US shipping address on registration. For $5, you can also get a tax-free sales address in Oregon, allowing you to enjoy lower shipping rates from the US to Canada.

Like Shipito, Planet Express has a free and premium plan. While the premium plan offers a consolidation service, the free plan doesn’t, meaning shipping multiple packages will be more expensive [individually].

The premium plan costs $10 per month or $50 per year. The tax-free warehouse address in Oregon is only available on the premium plan.

  • Consolidation: $5 +$2 per package, only available on the premium plan
  • Repackaging: free
  • Storage: 10 days of free storage for the free plan and 45 days for the premium plan.
  • Payment: free and premium plan

You get a free photo of the incoming package.



Shipito is one of the best freight forwarders from the US to Canada. The company allows you to use their warehouse as your address when shopping online from US-based stores. Their website is also very easy to use, and you’ll enjoy the fast delivery service.

Shipito offers a free and premium plan. With the free plan, you only pay whenever you use the service. In contrast, the premium plan attracts monthly fees, although it provides extra perks, such as lower processing fees. While the free account costs $3 for processing, the premium membership costs just $2.

We suggest you go for the premium membership if you are an avid shopper.

  • Consolidation: Free consolidation
  • Repackaging: free repackaging
  • Storage: up to 180 days of free package storage
  • Payment: Pay-per-use and premium plans

If you don’t intend to do parcel forwarding often, it’s advisable to go with the pay-per-use plan. But if you use it regularly, it’s more cost-effective to subscribe, as that will help you save money on shipping in the long run.



AmForward uses the big names in the freight forwarding business, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL. This enables them to provide fast and top-notch package forwarding from the US to Canada.

  • Consolidation: free consolidation
  • Repackaging: undisclosed
  • Free Storage: 30 days for the pay-per-use plan, 45 days for the standard plan, and 60 for the premium plan.
  • Payment: pay-per-use and two paid membership plans

The standard membership plan costs $10.75 a month or $59.90 a year, while the premium plan is $204.90 yearly.

As one of the best forwarding services, AmForward offers you a sales tax-free US address in Oregon. Moreover, Oregon is close to the US/Canada border, which may result in fewer “speed bumps” and lower shipping fees.

AmForward sends you a notification when the package arrives at the US address. You’ll then be allowed to select when, how, and where to forward it. You can also state whether you’d like to consolidate multiple items into one package.

In addition, they’ll send you free photos of your package.




Since its inception in 1997, MyUS has become one of the most trusted and popular forwarding companies in the United States. The company provides a US address to access products and discounts that are only available to US-based shoppers.

They also offer a virtual mailing address if you want to forward mail.

If you intend to use the service frequently, it’s advisable to subscribe at $9.99/month or $60/year. Then, you’ll be able to access services like consolidation, repackaging, and package storage, which are unavailable with the free plan.

  • Consolidation: Free package consolidation is available on the premium plan
  • Repackaging: free, available on the premium plan
  • Storage: free, available on the premium plan
  • Payment: Free and paid plans

MyUS has a branded mobile app that allows you to view and track your shipment. Something that might interest you about this parcel forwarding company is that it ships restricted items such as non-prescription medicine.


PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail offers excellent mail and parcel forwarding service because of its mobile app. Upon receiving your item at the warehouse, the company scans and uploads the file online. You can view your package on your smartphone before forwarding it to your Canadian address.

This is very useful so you can know the condition of your order before having it forwarded. You can also track the shipment right on the app.

PostScan Mail is a viable option for Canadian entrepreneurs who receive a ton of business mail from the US. With the app, they can view documents and discard junk mail without having to forward every piece of paper to their home in Canada.

PostScan Mail offers a tax-free US address in Delaware, Oregon, and New Hampshire, allowing you to shop from the US to Canada affordably and without limitations.

  • Consolidation: free package consolidation
  • Repackaging: undisclosed on the website
  • Storage: 30 days of free storage
  • Payment: 3 membership plans, starting at $15/month


Fishisfast US Parcel Forwarding

Fishifast is undoubtedly one of the most reputable parcel forwarding companies in 2022, with excellent parcel forwarding from the US to Canada. A tax-free US address in Delaware and six months of free storage are just a few key benefits Fishifast offers.

Their shipping rates are also very fair; you only pay per use. It’s a worthy package forwarding service to try out. But that’s not all.

Fishifast offers some extras, such as package insurance, to give you peace of mind about damaged goods en route. In addition, they’ll show you photos of your package for free.

But why does it sound too good to be true? Is there nothing unpleasant about this service? When we checked, we found that this package forwarding service had many incompatible stores that would not send orders to their warehouse. That means you may not be able to shop from just any merchant.

  • Consolidation: free package consolidation
  • Repackaging: free for certain items
  • Storage: up to 6 months of free package storage
  • Payment: pay-per-use plan

If you need fast delivery, you can pay extra for express processing.



OPAS forwarding service

OPAS is another great service for shipping packages from the US to Canada. Although this package forwarding service is a bit more expensive than the majority on this list, its quality makes it stand out.

  • Consolidation: Package consolidation is free for premium members
  • Repackaging: Free for premium members
  • Storage: 30 days of free storage
  • Payment: Free and paid plans

The free plan is limited to package forwarding. The premium plan, starting at $15/month, includes free consolidation and repackaging.

One notable aspect of OPAS is its Distributor plan for online retailers. If you buy US products to resell in Canada, consider using this service, which allows you to forward bulk orders from the US to Canada at cheaper rates. The plan costs only $20/year.

You can try out OPAS’s paid plans for free using the free trial period.

OPAS also offers a rewards program to earn points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem the points for future shipments.




Next on our list of the best forwarding services to ship from the US to Canada is Reship. Reship offers virtual addresses in Canada, the UK, and the US, meaning there’s hardly any merchant you can’t shop from worldwide.

However, there are some things you might find unpleasant with this service. They reserve the right to inspect your packages without your permission. Also, the consolidation and repackaging services come at a cost.

  • Consolidation: costs $2 per package
  • Repackaging: undisclosed
  • Storage: Free storage for up to 30 days
  • Payment: membership plan, costing $10/month or $99/year.

There’s a sign-up fee of just $5 to get your US address.




Viabox has its place on our list of top freight forwarding companies for its free repackaging, consolidation, and 90-day free package storage. You also get a tax-free warehouse in Oregon where you can send your orders before forwarding them to your home in Canada.

Viabox will send you free photos of your package when it arrives at the warehouse so you can know its condition.

Since they also receive documents, you can use this mail forwarding service. You’ll have the document scanned to view it online quickly before it arrives.

  • Consolidation: free
  • Repackaging: free
  • Storage: free for up to 90 days
  • Payment: pay-per-use plan only

On the downside, many complaints about the company’s lengthy shipping times exist. That’s most likely due to the limited shipping options they offer customers. However, it’s a relatively new parcel forwarding company, so hopefully, they’ll work on their services.


Pros & Cons of US to Canada Package Forwarding Services

So, what exactly are the benefits and downsides of using a package forwarding from the US to Canada? We highlight them below.

Pros of Using a Package Forwarding Service

  • With a package forwarding US to Canada, you can buy your favorite products not available in Canada but in US-based online stores that do not ship to your country.
  • You can enjoy discounts that are only available to US-based customers using your US virtual address.
  • Free package consolidation helps you save money.
  • When shopping online from merchants whose international shipping fees are ridiculously high, parcel forwarding from the US to Canada may help to save money. The store must only ship locally with your US address, reducing costs.
  • Certain states in the US, such as Oregon, Delaware, and New Hampshire, do not charge sales tax. Therefore, choosing a package forwarding service in any of these states can help you save up to 10% on your orders.
  • Package forwarding lets you “pretend to be American” for a while, allowing you to get all the perks of shopping in the US. That’s understandable, given that many US merchants do not ship internationally. Even when they do, their shipping fees are too high and discouraging.
  • With a US address, you may gain access to US credit cards. That’s because American banks require that the card be mailed to a US address. So, by providing your US address, your application will become legitimate. You can then enjoy the perks of American credit cards that are unavailable in Canada.

Cons of Using a Packaging Forwarding Service

  • Your order may take longer to arrive since it must first stop at the package forwarder’s warehouse, get processed, and possibly consolidate before being sent to you.
  • Most package forwarders promise no hidden fees, but you may incur some at the end of the day, such as brokerage fees, duties, and sales tax, depending on the state where they are located. However, some companies already calculate duties and taxes so you can pay up-front without surprises later.
  • Some package forwarders will not ship goods considered “dangerous,” such as batteries and perfumes. Ensure you check their policy, terms, and conditions to know what to expect before signing up.
  • Storage fees are expensive. Ensure your package doesn’t exceed the free storage period to avoid them.
  • Not all US stores ship to package forwarding companies. Sadly, you may not know until the package has been shipped out.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Package Forwarding Work?

Package forwarding companies provide you with a US shipping address. When shopping online from American stores, you set your destination country as the US and provide this address at checkout, making it appear like you’re shopping from within the United States. This address will usually be the package forwarding company’s warehouse. Once they receive the shipment, they will resend it to your Canadian address.

Is Parcel Forwarding Safe?

Parcel forwarding is relatively safe, provided you use a well-known company. A reputable company will likely be experienced in handling packages with care to guarantee their safety. To be safer, ensure you check reviews and ratings.

Also, be wary of companies whose offer sounds too good. What’s the catch? If there appear to be no downsides (sacrifices made to allow for the benefits), it might just be too good to be true. Again, multiple reviews and ratings are your best bet.

Is Package Forwarding Legal?

Yes. Package forwarding is legal. It is a legitimate way of bypassing restrictions some US merchants impose: not shipping to certain countries or offering discounts to only US-based shoppers.

As long as the mail forwarding company is registered (like all the ones on this list), their service is legal.

Is Package Forwarding Tax-Free?

Yes. Some package forwarding services are tax-free, but not all. It all depends on where the company’s warehouse is located. Package forwarding will be tax-free if the warehouse is in Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire, or Alaska. That is because sales tax does not apply in these states.

For example, Stackry has a sales tax-free warehouse in New Hampshire; if a sales tax-free address is a priority, research and opt for a service that offers it.

How Much Does Package Forwarding Cost?

There is no fixed price for parcel forwarding. While some companies offer a pay-per-use plan where you pay an amount for processing each order, some have monthly membership fees. Some freight forwarders charge based on the package weight and size, and there are also variable import duties and taxes to consider.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship to Canada from the USA?

Package forwarding is the cheapest way to ship goods from the US to Canada. From our review, Stackry seems to offer the cheapest package forwarding service: you get a free US address on sign-up, and there is no monthly fee. Only pay when you use the service.

Can Mail be Forwarded from the USA to Canada?

You can ship documents and products from the USA to Canada via mail forwarding service. This service is useful if you’ve found a product you love online, but the store only sells to US-based customers.

How Does Package Forwarding US to Canada Work?

When you sign up for a company offering package forwarding services from the US to Canada, you obtain a US address. Use that address as your shipping address when shopping online. This will seem like you’re shopping locally while getting all the benefits of shopping online in US stores. The online merchant will ship your order to that address, and the package forwarding company will receive it and then forward it to your Canadian address.

How Much Do Package Forwarding Companies Charge as Shipping Costs?

There are many variables affecting shipping costs:

  • Package dimensions

The packages’ dimensional weight (DIM) will affect the shipping cost. DIM is calculated by multiplying the package shipped’s length, width, and height and dividing the answer by a standard divisor. Package forwarders can help you reduce shipping costs by consolidating multiple packages into one, decreasing the overall size.

  • Package weight

This is how heavy the item is. The heavier and larger a package, the higher the shipping costs.

  • Destination

The shipping distance will also factor into the cost of the shipping.

  • Value of the package

Some high-end packages that require specialized handling and perhaps insurance may attract higher shipping fees.

  • Delivery time

Standard shipping may take 5-7 days, but if you need your packages delivered urgently, you may pay more for express shipping.

Note that sometimes you’ll be surprisingly hit with hidden fees. Proper research can give you an upfront idea of what to expect.

Why Do I Need a Mail Forwarding Service from the US to Canada?

Redirecting mail from the US to Canada is the same as redirecting a package. However, although mail forwarding is sometimes used interchangeably with package forwarding, they are two different things. Not all package forwarders offer mail forwarding services.

Mail includes documents and isn’t limited to products bought from online stores. You may use mail forwarding services when you do not wish to disclose your home address to the sender. Although you’d still have to disclose your address to the mail forwarding company, it is considered safer since you’re dealing directly with a registered and reputable company.

If you wish to take advantage of mail forwarding in addition to package forwarding, find a company that offers both services, such as MyUS, Viabox, or PostScan Mail.

Final Thoughts

International shipping fees can be quite expensive, and you’ll rarely have an opportunity for free shipment. So, buying locally is more convenient if you can obtain the same product in Canada for a similar price as in a US store. But if you discover the benefits of shopping from a US-based store far outweigh buying in Canada, package forwarding is worth it.

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