Best Mailroom Management Solutions

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Long gone are the days when most businesses would have a physical mailroom where they handle their mails. Thanks to technology, most businesses now are going green with their mail and turning their physical mailroom into a digital one where every mail is turned into a digital format. But why?

Better for the environment

This transformation doesn’t only help the environment by getting rid of all that paper that would’ve been wasted, but it greatly benefits the business.

Faster than ever

Digital mailroom solutions speed up the whole mailroom process substantially. It also makes it much easier to handle more mail as your business grows larger.

Save money

It is also cheaper and more secure. You will not pay for the paper, stamps, envelopes, and all of that anymore. You will pay only for the scanner, and the service fees, and that’s it.

Peace of mind

You will also never lose a mail, or worse, have it sent to the wrong recipient.

Better Customer service

Automatic mailroom solutions also mean better customer services.

Remote Management

It gives you the freedom of managing your mail from anywhere in the world.

Okay, now that you know why an Automatic Mailroom Management Solution is essential for you or your business, let’s see what your best options are and talk about each of them, what they offer, how much they cost, and what devices you can use them on.

Note that the features mentioned above exist in all the services we are going to talk about, and so when discussing features, we will focus on what makes each service different from the others.

Shall we begin?

Best Mailroom Management Solutions

1- Earth Class Mail


Earth Class Mail gives your business the ability to scan your mail and handle it only 24/7. With this Mailroom Management Solution, you will be able to choose from a national network of addresses, get your mail scanned and take action on them online with ease.

The service will also sync any important invoices straight to or forward them immediately to your accounting department. Earth Class Mail has handled 10 Million Mails since 2006 for thousands of businesses.


Privacy and Security

Earth Class Mail’s security standards guarantee confidentiality and security of your mail. They meet the strict demands of even the largest corporations and government agencies.

More Addresses

Earth Class Mail offers 61 addresses in different cities across the country. However, it should be noted that many of those are USPS PO boxes, which means they only receive deliveries from USPS.

Experienced Customer Service

Earth Class Mail is battle tested and has scanned over 10 Million pieces of mail and 100 Million pages since 2006. Their team’s experience is one of their strongest points and one of the best in the business, and it shows.

Flexibility in Payment

Earth Class Mails give you the freedom of moving between plans easily or canceling at any time.

Packages & Pricing

Earth Class Mail offers 4 Pricing Plans:











No. of Incoming Envelopes





No. of Document Scans

10/mo (up to 20 pages, both sides)

10/mo (up to 20 pages, both sides)

Unlimited (up to 20 pages, both sides)

Unlimited (up to 20 pages, both sides)

No. of Mailbox Recipients





No. of Addresses

1 Standard Address

1 Standard Address

1 premium Address

3 Premium Addresses


Secure Shredding for an extra $5/month


Free Secure Mail Shredding


Devices Supported:

Earth Class Mail is web-based, this means you can access it from any device connected to the internet.

Business Size:

As you can see, Earth Class Mail offers plans that fit all business sizes.


2- Post Scan Mail

PostScan Mail

Post Scan Mail is a Digital Mail Management Service that is designed to help businesses to conveniently handle their mail online. It features, functionality, and customer service, are all well received by most of their customers.


Mail Forwarding

With Post Scan Mail, you can choose which items you want, where do you want to send them and when, and they will automatically send them anywhere in the world.

Physical Mail Storage

Post Scan Mail offers free storage of mail for 30 days, after which you can still store them for a small monthly fee or get rid of them.


Automate online management to new levels with Post Scan Mail as you will be able to automatically move certain mail items to specific folders.

 You will also be able to automate certain operations for certain mail items, operations such as scanning, recycling, shredding, or transferring those mails.

Free Trial

30-day Free trial is available

Packages & Pricing 


Starter Package







Mail& Packages Received




Open & Scan Requests

10 (up to 15 pages)

40 (up to 15 pages)

100 (up to 15 pages)

Mail Storage

Free for 30 days/item

Free for 30 days/item

Free for 30 days/item

No. of Mailbox Recipients




Extra Fees:

Extra Mail & Packages Received


Extra Open & Scan Requests


Extra user Accounts


Mail Storage after 30 days

$0.03/pound per day for packages

$0.03/day for other mail

Mail Forwarding

$0.85/item + postage


Devices Supported:

Web-based, access online anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Business Size:

Post Scan Mail offers 3 packages that should fit most business sizes.


3- iPostal1


iPostal1 is a Digital Mailbox Service that was founded in 2007. They are a virtual mail store but they also provide virtual mail management software to mailbox store operators.


Fully functional, real street addresses

iPostal1 doesn’t offer PO boxes. They offer real street addresses that you can get with your personal or company mailbox number. With those addresses, you can receive mail and packages from any carrier and can also be used for banking.

Business Phone& Fax

iPostal1’s virtual office plans include a phone number (local or toll-free) for your company that you can get with a personalized greeting, voice mail, phone forwarding (domestic and international), and a dedicated phone fax as well!

Direct Deposit

iPostal1 can deposit checks directly into your account so you don’t need to worry about the security of checks left in the mailbox while you aren’t there to pick them up.

Unpack boxes and forward items separately

You can ship a box containing many items to your mailing address and let iPostal1 unpack the boxes and forward them separately to the different locations you want them sent to.

Packages & Pricing






Price starts at:





No. of Incoming Mail Items/month





Scan cost (6 pages/single side)





Mail Storage

Free for 30 days

Free for 30 days

Free for 30 days

Free for 30 days

No. of Mailbox Recipients





Shredding (6 pages/item)





Devices Supported:

Web-based with Android/iOS applications available

Business Size:

iPostal1 offers many packages and plans that should satisfy most business sizes.


4- Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a mail scanning solution that allows businesses to view their postal mail online. They provide real street addresses and will receive, open and scan your mail if you want them to. They can also forward the sent items, shred them, hold them, or return them.


Good Integration with Evernote

With Traveling mailbox, you will be able to have you scanned PDFs sent automatically to your Evernote Account.


Create and sort your mail into folders to keep everything organized and easy to find.

Mail A Letter Directly

With Traveling Mailbox you will be able to mail a letter directly from your account, without the need to take this time-costly trip to the box office.

Receive the scanned documents in minutes

Thanks to Traveling Mailbox’s QuickScan, you can receive the contents of your envelope within a few minutes!

Packages & Pricing

Traveling Mailbox offers 3 plans: The basic plan, extended plan, and small business plan.




Small Business

Price starts at:




No. of Incoming Mail Items/month




No of Page Scans/month





Scan PAK & Fax Numbers

Not Included



No. of Mailbox Recipients




Mail Shredding




Devices Supported:

Traveling Mailbox is online-based, and it has android and iOS applications as well.

Business Size:

Traveling Mailbox tries to reach all business sizes with its plans. They also offer plans for enterprises which include dedicated account managers, high mail scanning volumes, virtual receptionists, and many other services.


5- MailForm


Mailform was designed to make handling mail easier. No more stamps, no more envelopes, and no more clutter in your workspace. Mailform will take care of it, it will handle your mail for you; it mail files, send invoices, send documents, print, stamp, and post your mail for you.

Handling mail has never been easier and more convenient.


Ease of use

Mailform doesn’t have a steep learning curve, and you will be able to learn how to use it quickly and easily.

Automatically import what’s important

Do you need to import contacts? Some documents? Mailform will import the stuff that’s important to you automatically so you can be ready to go in no time.

Integration made easy

Mailform integrates smoothly with Google Drive, Intuit Quick Books, Google Documents, and many more 3rd party apps.

Will even mail postcards

Do you want to send a postcard quickly? Cool! Just upload your design or image, add a message, and Mailform will send the postcard for you. It is that easy and that quick.

Volume Discounts

Do you handle larger volumes of mail? You can get a discount on the service and save money. You can also get discounts on lower volume but frequent orders.

Quick Start with on sign-up

That’s right, you can try the service with Quick Start without even signing up.

Packages & Pricing

Service Fee

Singles/Low Volume

First page per envelope


For every additional page


For extra per page for color


For Certified mail per envelope


For A return envelope


Surcharge for more envelopes with more than 6 pages


For a postcard


For High volumes, discounts start at 5 Recipients. You can calculate how much the service will cost you on their website page.

Note that these prices are not the cheapest, so smaller businesses may better off seeking less costly solutions.

Devices Supported:

It is a web-based service, but an Android Application is available.

Business Size:

Mailform is better for Enterprises and large businesses than it is for smaller ones due to its high prices.


6- EZTrackit


EZTrackIt is made to help corporate, residential, and university mail centers to handle their mail better by automation and optimizing their mailroom operations to improve profitability, accountability, and overall productivity.

EZTrackIt will help a team increase its productivity greatly by reducing the time the team needs to log and track incoming packages, staff, residents, and other on-site recipients.


The Easiest Tracking

EZTrackIT offers the easiest way to track a package. It is simple, efficient, and accurate. 

Automatic Database Cleansing

One of the newest features EZTrackIt has been offering lately is the automation of the database cleansing process. Here’s how it will go: Once you upload new information, the process will go through your database and delete any records that were never used.

Notify Recipients

With EZTrackIt you will be able to send notifications to package recipients so they could be on alert for the incoming package.

Constantly Improving

EZTrackIt cares about the customers, their needs, and want them to have the best experience they could have. This is why the service is constantly improving. New Features are added frequently. They listen to their customers.

Packages & Pricing

EZTrackIT offers three packages:

Silver: 500 Recipients with each additional 200 recipients costing $50.

Gold: 1000 Recipients with each additional 1000 recipients costing $50.

Platinum: 5000 Recipients with each additional 5000 costing $50.

7- SqBx


SqBx tracking software is cloud-based software that is designed to mobilize the delivery of items and make tracking it easier than ever before. It will eliminate the clutter from your office, no more paperwork in the mailroom thanks to the efficient software.

SQBX software will collect electronic signatures from any device you have. They will also design a solution which meets your needs and budget.


Easy to install

The software will be up and ready in no time.

Great for organizations with multiple sites

Organizations which has multiple sites and campuses will enjoy SQBX package tracking software at each location will be able to track their own operations.

Super User Access

The software allows for what is called Super User Access. The super user will be able to see and review the operations of all sites and their productivity. The super user will also be able to generate company-wide reports

Across Platform Compliance

Whatever device you are using, wherever you are, you will always have access to the software in a click.

Packages & Pricing

Unfortunately, SQBX doesn’t publicly release their pricing. However, a free trial is available.

Devices Supported:

The service is cloud-based and should run well on any device connected to the internet. An Android application is also available.

Business Size:

SQBX is a good option for large businesses and enterprises that will be able to benefit from its features.

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