9 Best Accounting Software for Mac Users

When we speak Mac, we speak of security, simplicity, design & efficiency. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually go the same way when we seek Mac-based accounting software. That`s cause almost every company develops its product for the broad market of PC.

So it’s challenging to find accounting software for Mac. Still, this doesn’t mean a Mac user should be desperate.

Because there are developers who managed to create an excellent & fully functional accounting software that supports a wide range of businesses & provides access to both PC and Mac users alike.

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Speaking of, we’re here mention the best accounting software for Mac users according to experts reviews such as:

Best Accounting Software for Mac Devices:

  • Xero
  • AccountEdge/ AccountEdge pro
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zoho Books
  • Wave
  • Freshbooks
  • Sage
  • MoneyWorks
  • Tipalti

Let’s dive into our list of the best accounting software for Mac users.


Xero is a Mac/Pc cloud-based accounting software applicable online directly, so there is no wasted time on downloads and installations. And with smart pricing plans and an unlimited number of users provided, you can never skip on such a great product.

It is supported by a good base of positive reviews and excellent customer support, critical for Mac users, so it’s safe to call this part reassuring.

Xero Features:

Xero provides a wide range of useful services such as:

  • Fast bank: reconciliation (banking, credit card, and PayPal transactions are imported and categorized)
  • Inventory (Inventory items speed up invoicing while tracking sales and purchases.)
  • Payroll: Reduce manual data entry and increase compliance with combined payroll and accounting.
  • Go mobile: The Xero mobile app works with iPhone and iPad & Android phones and tablets.
  • Easy invoicing: Create recurring professional invoices and receive updates when they’re opened.
  • Pay bills: Manage your cash flow by scheduling payments and batch-paying suppliers.
  • Connect to 600+ apps: Inventory, invoicing, time tracking, expenses, and more integrated with Xero.
  • Create purchase orders: Create an email custom purchase orders and copy them to bills for payment.
  • Claim those expenses: It’s easy to handle personal costs – review and approve receipts.

These, among many other features, make Xero one of the excellent choices these days.

Xero Pricing:

All pricing plans are fully featured, with no drop-down edges, with extra payroll add-on service fees.

Xero goes with three different payment plans:*

  • Starter: starts at $9 each month.
  • Standard: starts at $30 each month with payroll service added up to 5 employees
  • Premium: starts at $70 each month with payroll added to 10 Employees and can be adjusted. It also supports multiple currencies for easier international transactions.

*Free trial included for all three pricing plans.

All three plans support an unlimited number of users, and there is no long-term binding contract. So you won’t find yourself self-bound by software that doesn’t suit your business needs or have to pay penalties for dropping out, which is a definite +.

Pricing plans differ according to the region, so check out the list of regions and countries supported. And that’s how Xero distinguishes itself among the broad stream of financial software providers.

 AccountEdge/ AccountEdge pro

The fully dedicated accounting solution that offers lead management and Mac users Based. For nearly 25 years, Accounting Edge was & still is doing a great job providing robust accounting services for Mac users.

And now, with even more services and updates, including an enhanced user interface and web pay features, things are getting even brighter down there.

So if you can afford the extra add-on fees and other hidden expenses, then Accounting-Edge/pro can become your best financial companion, with a wide range of services that hardly leave anything unchecked.

The only drawback for some users may be that Accounting-Edge is in its best shape when going on-premises. Unfortunately, this means you need to download and install the software on your platform, which can be a hassle for inexperienced users.

It`s not that bad if we consider the central aspect of on-premises types of software; besides the ultimate security level, you can control your update sessions, which is more budget-friendly than its cloud-based rivals.

AccountEdge Features:

At this point, Accounting-Edge sure excels, with a gracious hand of features that covers almost every basic accounting need, varies between:

  • Dashboard: a clean, organized panel that holds every critical service in the form of easy-to-use tabs.
  • Time-Tracking: (pro edition) You pay only for real-time working hours, which is calculated accurately.
  • Commission: (pro edition) commission rate can be set for every employee individually according to the payroll plan.
  • Payroll: (pro edition) A robust Add-on does everything you expect from neat payroll software.
  • Accounts payable: with automated bill payment, you will never miss an unpaid bill.
  • Invoicing
  • Bank reconciliation: Bank statements can be reconciled manually or imported in a QIF or QFX file.
  • Inventory: (pro edition) a sophisticated expert managing your list, including warranty tracking and other useful details.
  • Leads: Leads can be emailed directly without the need for third-party applications.
  • Multi currencies: a fully customizable free multi-currency option.

A significant feature of Account-Edge is the “Cards” feature, which links brilliantly every sort of info, including customers, vendors, employees, or personal records, with a single click.

AccountEdge Pricing:

The company goes with a basic flat payment of:

  • $99 for the Edge software (upgraded for $79.)
  • $499 for the Edge Pro, which is the bigger brother (upgraded for $359.)

Besides that, every other option you need to add must be paid for, including payroll, additional users, and enhanced customer service.

Free Trial Available

QuickBooks Online

Being around for three decades now, QuickBooks from Intuit holds a broad base of fans and supporters.

With its recent updates, QuickBooks online have been claiming a bit more negative reviews. Unfortunately, that relates to some of its most significant mark lines, such as ease and simplicity and time tracking features, dropped down.

But that was surely made for a reason. Instead of the time tracking feature, the company now goes with a new feature called long-awaited project management—that, among other regularly updated features including a new feature called QuickBooks capital.

Nonetheless, QuickBooks online sure offers some of the most advanced accounting solutions available.

And with an unmatched number of integrations, they leave a core-hearted fan with not that much to complain about except for a relatively poor customer-support service, which is made for by more helpful community support.

QuickBooks Features:

  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Online banking integration
  • Built-in reports
  • Expense tracking
  • Inventory
  • Payroll (extra fees required)
  • Print checks
  • Tax form & support

QuickBooks Pricing: 

QuickBooks Online includes three packages with a buy now and save 70% offer.

  • Simple Start: $4.5 Monthly ($15 original price)
  • Essentials: $6.9 monthly ($23 original price)
  • Plus: $9.3 monthly ($31 original price)

30 Days Free trial available.

Zoho books

Its excellent user interface and mobile app mostly define this accounting software.

And with its comprehensive support of a whole range of accounting activities through fully customizable services, It became one of the top choices for many companies.

The only shortage found was the lack of dedicated payroll Add-on. Something the company promised to solve by the end of 2017.

Zoho Books offers a wide range of features that rivals the best players in the field and even tops them at some level.

Zoho books Features:

  • Contact management
  • Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Purchase order
  • Sales order
  • Project time tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Collaborative client portal
  • Online payments

Zoho books Pricing:

Zoho books follow a three-way plan of payment as well:

  • Free plan: 1 user + 1 Accountant
  • Standard plan: starts at $20 per organization per month and allows for 3 users.
  • Professional plan: starts at $50 per organization per month for 5 users.
  • Premium plan: starts at $70 per organization per month for 10 users.


Invoicing has never been easier. Freshbooks is a powerful invoicing cloud-based platform with project management capabilities. This tool has become one of the most favorite and widely trusted accounting solutions with world-class accounting features, offering full support for both PC and MAC systems alike. Although lacking a bit compared to the bigger platform version, its mobile app is fully operational on iOS and Android.

Freshbooks features:

  1. Multi-language Invoicing.
  2. Multi-currency billing.
  3. Expense tracking.
  4. Time tracking for projects.
  5. Project & team collaboration management.
  6. Shared estimations for projects & pricing.
  7. Online payment supported.
  8. Robust reporting.
  9. IOS & Android supported mobile apps.

You can find the only feature FreshBooks send the same invoice rates to multiple clients, inventory management tools, and somewhat limited invoice customization compared to other solutions. However, the most friendly UI and exceptionally well custom supported FreshBooks still go untainted nonetheless.

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The number 1 “Free” accounting software. Wave is still brilliantly keeping its promise as an entirely free accounting software most suited for small-sized businesses. Its trick lies in obtaining consistent revenue from its add-on services (payroll, lending, and credit card processing). Such deception would never succeed without a robust product behind the scene. That`s how Wave defines itself, not just as totally free, but also as indeed one of the best & most robust accounting solutions available. Wave is fully operational as a cloud-based service or self-hosted through its downloadable software. It’s both PC & Mac supported, in addition to its newly released mobile versions for receipts & invoicing, which are Android and iOS compatible.

Wave accounting features:

  • A Double-entry accountants` approved software.
  • Direct integrations with PayPal, Shoeboxed, Etsy, Zapier, and ADP.
  • Multi-currency payments acceptance.
  • Built-in Payroll service. (Payable service + US & Canada only).
  • On mobile receipt scanning & approval.
  • Recurring Billing.
  • Automatic payment reminder.
  • Credit card processing (payable service).
  • Multi-currency invoicing.
  • Estimating and invoicing upon approval.
  • Invoice customization.
  • Create & send an invoice on the go on iOS & Android platforms.
  • Contact management.
  • Small business loans through OnDeck integration. (Payable service + 1 year in business and over 100,000 $ yearly revenue required).
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Reporting.

If anything, this incredible Wave accounting software was lacking. It would be the absence of a dedicated project management tool & the inability to track billable hours or inventory rates. Some reviews also stated an issue with customer support, which is only available on the phone for set hours daily. Otherwise, the customer support team & technical agencies are well informed and offer fast responses through email. The website has several resources, such as a knowledge base, a blog, a user forum, getting-started guides, and video tutorials.

 Sage Intacct/ Sage 50c

The sage family goes back in history even before QuickBooks software times, making it one of the oldest accounting solutions available today. Thankfully, they have been developing their services until Sage Inc. has become well known as one of the leading accounting solutions with some of the most complete and sophisticated accounting features that thoroughly covers the small business area and goes miles beyond. Perhaps, one of its most brilliant features, besides being across an accounting platform firstly dedicated for desktop usage, now offering cloud storage and data sharing service is its inventory and stock management add-on, which lets users automatically update stock levels and use audits and stock valuations to manage assets. In addition, Sage 50c offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, which allows for extended usage of Microsoft tools.

Sage features:

  • Create an invoice online.
  • Payments tracking and reminders.
  • Powerful invoice customization.
  • Flexible invoicing options (Terms & credit control, Pro-forma invoicing, discount items, multi-currencies supported, Quotes & estimates, printed delivery notes …etc.)
  • Quick & easy invoicing.
  • Various payment channels are approved. (Visa, MasterCard, American express …etc.)
  • Detailed reporting.

Note: Sage 50c offers various accounting plans based on country and location, so make sure to review the respective plans thoroughly.

Sage 50c was found lacking in recurring bills option, billable hours tracking, and creating purchase orders. Such a shortage is a matter of consideration that depends on the needs and essentials of each business, respectively.


The New Zealand genius in professional financial & accounting solutions created by Cognito is here to put some massive weight challenge over its more prominent named alternatives AccountEdge and QuickBooks, with its end-to-end capabilities quite appealing price for value planning. The cross-platform software offers lightning-fast performance besides a quite friendly UI interface, powerful yet simple-to-follow reporting, and extremely flexible inter-operability through its seamless integrations with most leading payroll, CRM, or POS systems and generic systems like FileMaker Pro, MS Office, or MySQL. MoneyWorks gracefully covers every nuke and cranny concerning financial & accounting solutions for small, mid-size, or even enterprise levels, with a rich list of features divided among its five specialized products (CashBook, Express, Gold, Datacentre, & Now) besides its mark feature Multi-User networking which allows for an exceptional workflow. It’s fully operational both on Mac & PC and available both online as a SaaS and on-premise.

MoneyWorks 5 products features:

MoneyWorks Cashbook: (standard for all MoneyWorks products).

  • Cashbook
  • Tax tracking
  • Item pricing
  • General ledger
  • On-screen inquiries
  • Manage multiple entities
  • Budgeting
  • Easy access
  • Names database & contact management
  • Import/export & interoperability
  • Unicode (Multi-language reports & invoicing).*
  • Sticky notes

MoneyWorks Express:

  • Account receivable
  • Account payable
  • Powerful sales analysis
  • Custom form designer

MoneyWorks Gold:

  • Core accounting
  • Departmental accounting
  • Multi-currency
  • Order entry
  • Enhanced items/products
  • Inventory & bills material
  • Job costing & time billing
  • Custom report writer. ***
  • Advanced security
  • Scripting
  • Enhanced integration
  • Extensibility

MoneyWorks Datacentre:

  • Dedicated server
  • Centralized control
  • Mobile access
  • Server access
  • Fast networking
  • Advanced security

MoneyWorks Now: (In the cloud).

  • Full native interface. (Windows or Mac)
  • Full power (all the functionality of Gold version without extra fees)
  • Data ownership
  • Customizability &extensibility
  • Desktop integration

One might be wondering, are these guys capable of delivering what they promise?! And the answer is YES.

MoneyWorks reported being honest and quite capable; they serve the range of 30,000 organizations in over 60 countries globally. Recently operating in Australia under the name SGA software as Australian licensee for MoneyWorks.


The award-winning software was acclaimed to provide the most potent account payable and real-time payment reconciliation services. Tipalti is one of the best B2B payment management platforms with many automated supplier management tools and fraud check protocols to ensure safe payment and validated customer information. The secret to Tipalti lies behind its ability to optimize payment to reduce finance management times registered as the most significant struggle of every accounting team out there. Tipalti turned what used to be a complicated and confusing process into a routine day-to-day task to the utmost satisfaction of many prominent businesses worldwide. The platform is cloud-based/ Mac & PC operational, accepting payments with over 120 different currencies and supporting six different payment methods (PayPal, Wire, Prepaid Debit Card, US ACH, Global ACH, or Local bank transfer) the payment process a breeze. Tipalti is available in more than 190 countries around the world.

Tipalti features:

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Tax compliance
  • Invoice management
  • Global payments
  • Early payments
  • Reconciliation
  • End-to-end AP
  • 1099 form generation
  • Early payments are available
  • Reporting & analysis

As profound and elevated Tipalti is, it has a serious issue that some lighter belt players managed to supply. It’s only an account payable, and it lacks the tools to create account receivable processing. Other than that, minor issues such as pricing plans are not available directly; you need to contact to reveal this part. There is also no live support, yet their teams are easily reachable by phone and email.

And that’s it for now! These have been 9 of the best accounting software for Mac users.

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