Best 5 Payroll Software for Large, Mid and Small Businesses

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A Payroll software is a software which handles wage calculations and pay-processing, tracks employees, keep everyone informed, and generates all the needed reports.

A Payroll software is essential for any growing business. But since you are already here, you do know that and are here to find out what your options are.

So, let’s start talking about that.

Here are the 5 best payroll Software You can find on the market right now:

Best Payroll Software for Businesses

1- Gusto

Gusto - Best Payroll Software

Gusto is a platform that combines HR and Compliance functionalities, benefits administration, and payroll.

The program is well-known for its excellent user interface.

But what’s important for you, of course, is payroll management.

Using Gusto, you will be able to setup and schedule payments and let the software handle them. The software also supports paperless transactions (to reduce paper waste) and will deliver paystubs via e-mail. Gusto Payroll will also automate the calculation, payment (through deposit or check), and the submission of your business’s taxes.


Time Saving

Gusto payroll will do all the wage calculations, ACA Compliance, year-end forms, payroll taxes, and will store all the data in ne location.

Full Payroll Automation

You will enter the data of your team, decide how they get paid and how much, and how their tax fillings, paystubs, and W-2s are handled, and then your employees will be able to add data themselves. They will also be able to download the essential information they need.

Easier than ever before

Once the data is entered, it’s all automated. You won’t need to go through an endless amount of paperwork, forms, and data to do all the necessary calculations. Gusto Payroll software will take care of all of that, it will automate all local, state, and federal taxes in validated forms, do wage calculations, deposits salaries and pay the taxes all on its own.

Accuracy is guaranteed, always

One more benefit of Automation is the elimination of human error, which is also true when talking about Gusto Payroll Software

Always be compliant with all the standards

The Gusto payroll software is also fully compliant with HIPPA, ACA, and ERISA Standards, meaning your data will be checked and compliance reviews will be prepared, and notices will be sent by the software, all done automatically.

401 (K)s easier than ever before

The Gusto Payroll software will also allow you to set up and manage 401 (K) plans easier than you’ve ever seen before, so your employees can save money for the future.

Who is it for?

Gusto is mainly designed for small businesses based in the U.S.

Pricing & Packages:

Gusto offers three plans you can choose from:

Core Plan: Full-Service Payroll only for $39/month basic fee+ $6/month per person

This plan includes all the payroll features, employee profiles and accounts. It also offers health benefits, workers’ comp administration as well as expert support.

Complete Plan: Full-Service Payroll + Advanced HR Tools for $39/month basic fee + $12/month per person

This plan includes all the features mentioned in the first plan plus hiring and onboarding tools, time-off requests, employee directory, and surveys.

Concierge Plan: Full-Service Payroll + Advanced HR Tools + Certified HR Advisors for $149/month basic fee + $12/month per person

This plan includes all the features mentioned in the previous plan + Certified HR Pros, HR resource centre, and dedicated support.

Supported Devices:

Gusto works best on Chrome browser, but it does work on all browsers quite well. It works on both mobile devices and PCs.

2- QuickBooks

QuickBooks - Best Payroll Software

Quickbooks is a very popular online accounting solution made with small businesses and individual accountants in mind.

Quickbooks is feature-rich and well known for its attractive user interface, effective navigational system flexible contact records, transaction forms, customizable report templates, and, most importantly, comprehensive payroll support.


Quickbooks is full of advanced features, functions, and insights that are made to streamline accounting to a perfection.

Easy Navigation:

Quickbooks’s navigational efficiency is one of its most important features. The layout makes form management and bookkeeping not only a not-so-boring experience, but, as some would say, an enjoyable one.

All in one Location

All your bills and overdue items will be gathered and kept in one single location so you can follow their progress using the bill tracker. You will also be able to keep all your export information and accounting notes to generate all types of reports easily and quickly.

Automatic detailed reporting

Automated reporting with Quickbooks pro allows users to customize reports any way they like thanks to smart reporting filters that helps users capture even the smallest details in payroll items, and schedule them in a calendar to never miss a deadline again.

Find it Quickly & Modify it

Quickbooks Pro has many smart searching features that make browsing a speedy process in a personalized manner.

If you went for Quickbooks pro, you will be able to give three users the admin role in the system, so they can find and modify the data inserted there. But if you went for Quickbooks premiere, the number of admins may go up to 5.

Who is it for?

QuickBooks pro works well for businesses of all sizes. Independent contractors, small, medium, and large businesses will be pleased with the solution.

Pricing and Packages

Quickbooks offers several pricing plans that are charged by month, but you can get a discount if you signed up for an annual subscription:

Simple Start: $10.36/month

With this plan you will be able to create estimates and invoices, and download bank transactions.

Essentials:  $18.86/month

Adding to the features mentioned in the previous packages, you will be able to manage and pay bills. With this plan you also get the possibility for multiple users to use it.

Plus: $23.97/month

With this plan, you get all the features in the Essential plan and you can track inventory and prepare and print 1099s as well.

Supported Devices:

Windows PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices.

3- Patriot Payroll Software

Patriot Payroll - Best Payroll Software

Patriot Payroll software is a reliable and affordable online accounting and payroll solution that is designed to be user-friendly.

The software is simple enough for anyone to start using it right away with no need for training.

The Software runs on servers in a secure data center so your data is always safe. Handling accounting and payroll processes such as organizing accounting data, managing invoices, and doing wage calculations to the penny, will become much less difficult with Patriot Software’s online accounting and payroll solutions.


Simpler Than Ever Before

Business owners are not all accountants, but all businesses need accounting to ensure everything is running smoothly and the way it should be.

Patriot Software knows that well and knows how complicated and confusing all of that can be, so it takes care of all the accounting processes for you.

Do it all from one place

Through the software, you will be able to calculate the bills of your contractors and vendors accurately, pay them, track the payments, and generate the reports you need with unparalleled ease.

Of course, you will also e able to pay your employees just as easily, and set up process is not nearly as complex as you think it would be, partly thanks to the customer support that will be with you every step of the way.

Calculations are done hassle-free

Once you set up the patriot payroll software, you will be able to enter the employees’ data and working hours and the software will do all the calculations for you.

The Calculations are all done accurately (guaranteed accuracy) and you can process as many payroll transactions as you need.

Pay any way you like

You can pay the employees via direct deposit, paychecks, deliver salaries, or any other way you like.

Who is it for?

Patriot Software is created specially for small businesses to simplify the accounting and payroll processes, so business owners don’t have to deal with the difficult technicalities and complexities that come with these processes.

Pricing and Packages

Patriot offers 3 pricing packages:

Accounting Software for $12.50/month

In this package you will have access to all the online accounting features. You will be able track your income and expenses, create invoices, track unpaid invoices, record payments, and track bank deposits and withdrawals.

Online Payroll

Basic Payroll for $10/month

With this package you get free setup and support. You will be able to print checks or use free direct deposit, print W-2s, and have access to employee portal but you won’t be able to download tax tables.

Full Service Payroll for $25/month

With this package you get all the basic payroll features we just mentioned, and you can also file W-2s and W-3s, file and deposit local, state, and federal taxes and do all the needed tax fillings.

4- OnPay Payroll Software

OnPay - Best Payroll Software

OnPay Payroll is a payroll services for small businesses that allow them to manage their payroll process online at anytime from anywhere.

And since it’s an online service, you don’t need the whole “set up and training” thing, and you can start using the service in minutes. It’s also very Simple to use, as you can easily enter working hours, wages, and bonuses.

The service is also known for its fast load times, no matter where you are or what device you are using.


Employee Self On-boarding

Onboard all your employees and they will be able to enter their personal details online and save key documents in OnPay’s secure document vault.

Lifetime Accounts

Employees will be able to access their W-s forms and paystubs online forever, even if they leave the team.

Let it handle the taxes

OnPay Payroll will calculate the payroll taxes, pay them, fill the forms and file them. All done automatically.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

OnPay guarantees you that their service is 100% accurate and that they will also handle any payroll-related issues that may come up with the IRS. They also promise to cover any fines in case things go south.

Pay Runs with no limits

You can schedule pay runs whenever you like, cancel them, or make correction to them without extra charges.

Integrate with other apps and services easily

OnPay payroll service integrates with other apps and services such as Intuit Quickbooks, Kabbage, Xero, ThinkHR, and many others.


OnPay is one of the most affordable solutions you can find, and it can save you a lot of money. However, you should note that this also means the service is kind of basic and you may not find all the features you need or want.

One such feature is direct deposit which is not available to all employers.

Who is it for?

OnPay is perfect for small businesses, but because it is kind of basic, larger businesses should be looking elsewhere.


With OnPay, you will be able to conduct your business’s payroll online for a $36 a month basic fee + $4 per employee or contractor.

They also offer printing and shipping W-2s for $5 each + shipping fees.

Devices Supported:

OnPay is an online service that should work on any device, however, it does not have a mobile application.

5- PayChex Flex

PayChex Flex - Best Payroll Software

Paychex Flex is a web-based human capital management solution that’s designed to meet the needs of any business no matter its size.

With Paychex Flex, employers can access recruiting and applicant tracking, HRIS, onboarding, benefits administration, time and attendance, payroll, and much more.

Paychex Flex is built on a central platform and can track information in real-time across its applications with ease.


Easy Payroll Processing

You can access payroll online from any device or they can do it for you if you called or e-mailed

Automatic Payroll Taxes

Paychex Flex will calculate the local, states, and federal taxes, file them, and pay them as well without you having to worry about a thing. Peace of mind has never been easier to achieve.

Employee Self-Service

Your Employees will be able to log in from any device to see their check stubs, W-2s and more.

End-to-end HCM

With their comprehensive HCM Solution it will be able to integrate payroll, taxes, recruiting, onboarding, and more to reduce errors to a minimum.

Flexible, professional service for U.S. based businesses

U.S. based businesses will be able to enjoy the service of specialists 24/7 that will help them with any issues they may encounter with their payroll processing.


The Software is scalable with unlimited custom fields and other deep customizability options. HR Functionality is also available.

However, this all comes with a cost, and the service is relatively costly in comparison with its direct competitors.

Your Standard Payroll Features

Of course, you get your standard payroll features such as automatic payroll tax administration, payment any way you like (direct deposit, paper checks, paycards, etc), the ability to pay all types of workers (contract, hourly, salaried, etc), robust reporting and analytics, and so on.

Who is it for?

This solution will work with businesses of all sizes.

Pricing and Packages

Unfortunately, Paychex flex doesn’t disclose the prices for its packages, but here are the packages:


Express Payroll

Paychex Flex Select

Paychex Flex Pro

Paychex Flex Enterprise

Payroll Tax Administration





Mobile App





New Hire Reporting





General Ledger Service





Workers’ Compensation Report





State Unemployment Insurance Service





Analytics and Reporting





24/7 Support





Dedicated Payroll Specialist





Garnishment Payment Service





Direct Deposit





Pay Cards





Devices Supported:

Paychex works on all platforms.

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