ASO Tools: Know Which One to Consider for Improving Your App Ranking

The mobile app is one of the vital parts when it comes to operating business these days. It helps companies to grasp massive success in their business field in no time. The app economy is estimated to grow from 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars to 6.3 trillion in 2021, and the CAGR will increase and reach around 37% in the same period. (Source)

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However, technological development and the latest mobile app development trends have increased the competition in the app market. Over 2.57 million apps are present in the Google Play Store. In comparison, more than 1.84 million apps are present on the App Store; this number is expected to grow more as hundreds of applications are submitted on both the leading app stores regularly. 

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Hence, it becomes essential for app owners to opt for the latest technology and tools, which might help them optimize their app position on the leading app stores and also improve their app download ratio.


Top ASO Tools: Know Which to Use to Boost Your App Rank on the App Store 

App owners and marketers have to invest their energy and time on the process popularly known as app store optimization (ASO). It can help them grasp the spotlight for their app in no time on the leading app store and increase the chances of getting noticed by the audience.

App store optimization (ASO) is an effective process of optimizing the app position on the app store. There are various factors like keywords, icons, descriptions, screenshots, and much more, which need to be considered when it comes to optimizing app ranking on the app store. It not only helps in improving app ranking on the app store but also helps in increasing the app downloads. 

Any of the individuals can start with app store optimization (ASO) by adopting some of the effective tricks. But some of the app owners get completely blind when it comes to app store optimization, but there are numerous tools available for online marketing in the market, marketers and app owners can use from improving their rank on the app store. 

They just have to develop an effective ASO strategy for optimizing their rank on the app store, app owners can use advanced tools to make their work easy and much faster than ever before. Explore the below-listed tools to know which are those tools which you can use to improve their ranking on the app store. 


1- Mobile Action

This is one of the leading ASO tools which helps you to drive more downloads for your mobile app. Mobile Action provides its users with 4 most important features, these features include: 

  • Keyword Tracking. 
  • Keyword Suggestion.
  • Keyword Intelligence.
  • Competitor Tracking. 

Mobile Action allows you to explore your rank on the app store, it makes it easy for you to know for which keyword searches are made more, view your keyword ranking history, and much more accurately than ever before. ‘Recommended Actions’ feature makes it stand out from other ASO tools that are available in the market these days. This tool can easily be connected with your Google Play Console or iTunes account, this helps you improve your ranking on the app store. 

2- AppAnnie

It is one of the advanced tools which can be used by app owners for tracking their app’s performance on various bases like ratings, keyword rankings, reviews, and much more. They can also use this tool for checking out keywords that are being used by their competitors for ranking high on the app store. 

AppAnnie can prove to be the ideal tool when it comes to keyword research, it helps app owners and marketers to put their efforts in the right direction and let them know which keyword they must use to improve their ranking on the app store. 

If you plan your budget and go for AppAnnie’s premium version, then it provides you with the ability to unlock a huge amount of analytics and data on most of the mobile apps, which is one of the leading for ASO. You can easily know various things like keyword search, traffic share, usage estimates, and much more using the tool, this assures you to develop an effective ASO strategy which provides you with the worth outcome you desired.  

3- StoreMaven

In 2014 StoreMaven invented App Store A/B testing, it has been used by more than 60% of top mobile publishers like Google, Facebook, and many others to improve their ASO strategies. 

It also helps them to reduce an app’s acquisition costs. It allows you to create a clone of your app page, you can make necessary changes like app icon, video, or any other content. If you are not comfortable with making the changes, then you can hire a developer who can help you with the same. Once you or the developer make the necessary changes on the page test URL by sending a portion of your traffic to it. Analyzing which app page performs well on the dashboard. This can help you to know which designs work the best and help you to convert more people to lead who visited the page. 

4- Keyword Tool

This open-source and easy to use tool which can be used by app owners to kick start their keyword research. It helps them to generate both long as well as short-tail keywords related to their application. While much information is lacking when app owners or marketers use Keyword Tool. This tool can be used by users at the initial level during the app development phase of Netflix clone. It’s used as a research tool for searching accurate keywords for your business. 

This tool has the ability to seamlessly translate your iOS or Android app into any language, claiming to save up to 60% in process time. With their user-friendly dashboard, you can view the whole task at a glance and quickly access any missing translations or view translations needing proofread in a few clicks.

5- Split Metrics

It is one of the effective ASO tools which acts as the A/B testing tool as well as an analytics platform that can be used for improving app ranking on Google Play and Apple App Store. Split Metrics allows app owners to test various elements on their app store page to find out which content drives more downloads for your app. It allows you to collaborate with your app development team to make the essential changes which you think are mandatory for improving your rank on the app store. 

Concluding Lines

App store optimization (ASO) is one of the essential tasks which you need to consider when it comes to improving your app visibility on leading app stores. Advance app store tools will provide you with the best result and also helps you improve your store search, thus leads to increasing your app download and helps you to achieve an excellent result for your business.

All the above-mentioned app store optimization tools will help you to grasp the essential information which might help you to improve your result on the app store. This information includes downloads, keywords, user engagement, revenue, and much more, which can help you get the spotlight for your application on the app store. Hence it will be beneficial for marketers and app owners to use ASO tools for improving their app ranking on leading app stores.  

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