8 Features of using Mailroom Software

A mailroom is the backbone of any successful business. It is the medium ground for you and your customers.  And in some cases, it’s the connection between you and your employees or branches.

Optimizing your mailroom will enhance your customer relations and reassure your whole business is on the same page. By using mailroom software, you transform your physical mailroom into a digital mailroom. This is an intelligent solution that guarantees a smoother workflow in the mailroom. Businesses will benefit from this software, like health, finance, insurance, and others. In addition, you aren’t restricted by company size or the number of employees. A mailroom solution is for everyone.

Plus, if you run a mail or shipping center, this software will do wonders for you. Let’s see how this digital solution works and what its most distinctive features are.

How does Mailroom Software work? 

Mailroom operators mainly use this software to get things done faster and efficiently in the mailroom. The software is cloud-based; it is uploaded to your tablet or smartphone without needing additional apps or tools.

This secure solution automates your mailroom as it electronically sorts, classifies, and distributes all new mail. You only need a phone or tablet document scanner to get the process going. The operator scans the mail piece, uploads it online, and assigns it to the recipient. When the recipient receives their mail, they send out mail requests, and the operators get busy.

Mailroom operators no longer need to wander the office handing out mail, nor will employees take frequent visits to the mailroom. Instead, mailroom operators will handle all correspondence digitally through a smartphone or computer.

Features of Mailroom Software:

1- Cost-efficient solution:

Manually handling your mail consumes a lot of time and money. A regular mail cycle in the mailroom takes a lot of human resources and machinery. With an automated mailroom, the sorting and distribution are electronic so that it won’t require any manual labor.

Many businesses would instead outsource their mail to relieve themselves from all mail-related issues. However, this will cost more than using software for onsite mail handling to get essential mail tasks done faster. Operators need printers, postal machines for stamps and envelopes, and other expensive equipment to deliver mail efficiently. You can save money on equipment and maintenance fees by using a solution that only requires a phone/ tablet scanner and an internet connection.

For mail and shipping centers, it’s a small investment made in return for better profit. Paper storage will decrease because it won’t be used as often with digital mail.

2- Digital mailbox portals:

Employees will never need to leave their desks to get important mail. By logging into their digital mailboxes, they can stay up-to-date with all new mail.

They will sort their mail into folders, set filters, and search for mail by sender or date. By enjoying remote access to their mail, traveling employees, freelancers, or employees at the office can send in mail requests on how they’d like to handle their mail. They get many services like opening & scanning, forwarding, shredding & recycling, or archiving any mail piece.

When the mailroom operators get the request, they handle it and send a confirmation to the recipient. So you will be on top of your mail at all times, no matter what.

As for mail and shipping centers, offering digital mailboxes to your customers will be a massive plus for them. They will no longer need to drive to the center to get their mail done or receive shipments. Some providers even offer you customized invoicing for your customers and mail branding.

3- Guaranteed security & traceability:

Most mailroom software providers offer advanced tracking features to track mail. For example, from the minute new mail arrives at the mailroom, operators can create barcode labels for each mail piece to keep track of it.

Others use the signature feature to capture the recipient’s signature when they receive their mail or package. Operators can keep a close eye on all mail circulating in the company until it’s safely between the recipient’s hands. As a result, we can avoid USPS errors like missing mail, damaged packages in transit, or mail falling into the wrong hands. Small mistakes with delivery can make all the difference with your customers.

All mail is secure and digitally transferred in the mailroom; operators will only move mail with a forwarding request.

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4- Fewer errors, more accuracy:

Losing important mail like an invoice, contract, or bank statement can disturb the whole workflow in a company. With a paper-cluttered mailroom, this will happen sooner or later. As a result, it affects your work negatively and impacts your customers, which is bad for business.

By lessening the number of hands-on mail and creating real-time delivery, the chances of errors are more minor. In addition, having secure software to sort and distribute mail guarantees minimizing errors noticeably. Also, a cloud-based solution means all mail storage is safe on the web for you as a database instead of stocking paper mail.

You alone access and control your mail; operators will dispatch the inside content when you send in an open & scan request. Using the shredding request, you can make sure that any critical mail is handled promptly. This will go a long way with banking, insurance, and finance businesses. Your records should be shredded and recycled as a priority for your company’s safety.

5- Organized mailroom, organized mailbox:

Mail automation leads to an organized mailroom, you knowing where everything is. Each mail piece has a mail ID, so pulling out any mail will be simple. Some providers even have area assignments. For example, you can assign a specific area in the mailroom to a group of people or a department.

This way, if you need anything meaningful, it won’t take any time to pull out or send. If you have many facilities, you can have a centralized mailroom for all business mail without moving between facilities. Your mailroom operators will be able to focus on fundamental mail tasks instead of feeling lost between mail.

The customer/ employee mailbox is just as easy to navigate around. Handling your postal mail will be as fast as email. You can easily pull out a mail piece with an advanced search by searching for sender, date, or status.

6- Enhance customer service:

Research has proven that using mailroom software fastens the customer response time through the mail. In addition, with all correspondence between customers and employees have done electronically, you get instant handling of issues.

The customer no longer needs to wait a few days for solutions. Employees will be on top of everything as soon as it comes in. With response times on the rise and more helpful service, your ratings will get higher, and so will your customer base.

7- A space saver:

With startups or small to medium-sized companies, having a mailroom isn’t the best option. However, a mailroom management solution is a great way to get your mail handled with the least space occupied possibly.

You won’t have much equipment, paper storage, or cabinets taking valuable space because all databases will be web-based. In addition, some companies use off-site locations for their mail to utilize office space in something more substantial.

8- Improves business workflow:

Mail is an essential connection between employees or departments. Now, they can have that connection without interrupting productivity. The whole company needs to be on the same page and send or receive postal mail. However, mailroom operators rooming the office to distribute mail can be a distraction.

An employee going to the mailroom to check on mail or shred or forward an important document is a waste of valuable time. Every minute counts when time is money, which is why mailroom software optimizes the mailroom and the whole business.

How to get mailroom software?

Many providers offer mail management; some may have better features than others. Check the ratings and reviews for different providers until you find a solution that fits your needs. Also, keep an eye out for companies that offer free demos! That way, you get to test the software yourself ahead of purchasing anything.

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