8 Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruitment exercises = Bundle of stress for recruitment & HR managers.


Not right!

True, it’s never been more challenging for recruiters to discover the right talent as there is a fiercer talent competition.

Many firms encounter significant difficulties throughout the recruiting or onboarding process.

However, that stress & tedious work can now belong to the past, thanks to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines the hiring procedure for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR departments.

It is among the most demanded tools in the recruiting tech stack. It aids in the filtering and sorting of tens of thousands of CVs to find the one qualified applicant for an open position.

About 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies use this tool, and that’s to show you how reliable and widely used it is.

Knowing how important this is for your business, it becomes necessary to read more about application tracking systems to discover their countless benefits.

This article will not only teach you and give you basic knowledge of all you need about applicant tracking systems but also give you 8 ATS software that you can start using today.

Fasten your seat belt as we hit the road!

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

To fill numerous vacancies at once, businesses may receive hundreds of applications. There are a lot of CVs to review, and if you don’t have an automated system in place, things might quickly get out of hand.

And so, here comes the applicant tracking system.

An applicant tracking system also referred to as a talent management system, is a piece of software that controls the hiring and recruitment process, including job advertisements and application processes. It aggregates and makes searchable information about job searchers.

Through automated intelligence, recruiters may streamline the hiring process using an application monitoring system to find the best, most qualified individuals.

This saves businesses and recruiters time that would otherwise be spent manually eliminating these individuals because many vacant positions can get hundreds or even thousands of applicants without the required qualifications.

Also, some businesses may not have the market reach to reach top job searchers or throw a large enough net.

Others can lack brand recognition and the tools to build it, while others are missing crucial information on where to look to discover particular people.

All of these significant candidate difficulties can be helped by an ATS.

An applicant tracking system manages the hiring procedure electronically by sorting, arranging, and simplifying the resumes for every job ad.

By offering a straightforward central platform to examine applicants, manage their progress through the hiring process, and filter the applications and resumes based on many specifications given in the job listings, it minimizes the recruitment process’s complexity.

Applicant Tracking System: How It Works

You’re likely wondering how an applicant tracking system operates and how it manages to pull off all these remarkable feats.

At their base, applicant tracking systems (ATSs) assist recruiters in managing candidates from the first outreach phase to the final interview and, presumably, an accepted offer.

Any applicant tracking software’s fundamental component is a database that houses the candidate’s information. A résumé or application will be processed by the computer and then presented to hiring managers in an intuitive HR tool. Spreadsheets are no longer needed as much.

Features of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

You should consider an applicant tracking system that does more than just store candidate data because it’s crucial to remember that many ATSs will have specific features and functionalities.

Let’s look at some essential elements you should consider when integrating an ATS.

Applicant Tracking 

Balancing recruiting efforts, applicants, and hiring priorities is a necessary part of the hiring process.

If you choose the correct applicant tracking system (ATS), you can leverage automation capabilities to standardize those chores and move applicants through application pipelines in a structured way.

Interview Management 

You should be on the lookout for features that make interviewing easier for your team and candidates because interviews can take up a lot of time and tension throughout the hiring process.

Filters that are particular to specific jobs

ATS systems provide keyword filters that assist you in choosing qualifications, traits, skills, and more to guarantee you only select qualified individuals for more in-depth consideration and interviews.

For instance, you may use the following filters to limit the results of candidates if you’re looking for a communications specialist: Bachelor’s degree in communication, a business degree, no more than two years of professional experience, group interaction, public speaking, content creation, time management, etc.

How Does An ATS Benefit Your Business

With all that’s been said, it’s not in any way untrue to say that investing in an ATS is an excellent decision.

It improves hiring standards, saves time and money for recruiters, and automates candidate sourcing and tracking.

In the end, you’ll be able to fill the skilled workforce of your business with highly qualified applicants, which typically results in faster fill rates for open positions.

ATSs will also assist you in creating a network that you can use in the future should a department within your firm require additional staffing.

8 Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software

It takes effort to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of different software and match their offerings to your current and future demands. By providing you with 8 of the best applicant tracking system software, the process has been simplified just for you.

1- Freshteam by Freshworks


Freshteam by Freshworks is a robust cloud-based HR platform for expanding companies. The software automates essential HR procedures, including recruiting, screening, onboarding, and offboarding new hires and existing employees. Additionally, it enables you to securely manage employee data and resolve time-off-related issues centrally.

Also, Freshteam offers handy tools for teamwork. These resources enable the interviewing process to be done cooperatively by the hiring managers and the recruitment team. As well as leaving notes and sending offers to the chosen prospects, sharing input on possible candidates is simple.

2. SmartRecruiters


SmartRecruiters’ value comes from the fact that it doesn’t provide a pre-built framework where one must “play by the rules” but instead encourages inventive recruiters to create an AT system that works for them.

SmartRecruiters has motivated HR managers to make genuinely informed decisions by turning the hiring concept into a customized and pleasurable experience. This allows HR managers to concentrate on people rather than pre-defined statistics.

3.  BambooHR


BambooHR is the right pick for businesses searching for a complete human resources platform to handle all areas of HR in one space because it delivers high-quality applicant tracking.

An employee self-service platform, customized access levels, an open API, and employee satisfaction reporting are just a few HR-related features in this incredibly comprehensive piece of software, which covers practically everything HR.

4. Greenhouse


Greenhouse assists businesses in fully managing the hiring procedure. Automating tasks, gathering and tracking data, and producing reports, speed up the hiring process.

The technology also enables team member communication, numerous candidate sourcing channels, and the development of a candidate experience that motivates applicants to reapply in the future.

Greenhouse offers improved safety and performance. Thanks to its integration environment, data can be transferred quickly between Greenhouse and other HR systems.

5. iCIMS


In this industry, iCIMS is a titan. You may manage candidates throughout their lifespan with the aid of iCIMS’ Talent Cloud, which was created for big businesses with a global presence.

With the ability to manage high-volume hiring of up to 50,000 prospects, it is a powerful recruiting solution.

The reporting function is vital and accurately retrieves data.

It has a modern approach to recruiting in that the ingenious iCIMS engine will not only compile candidates who match the provided indicators but will also actually identify individuals that can benefit your team.

6. Workable


Workable is a software provider that offers businesses of all sizes a best-in-class application tracking system, but it excels with big organizations.

Businesses can manage the complete hiring process from beginning to end and publish jobs on their websites and job boards using the ATS.

Workable features include interaction with LinkedIn, email and calendar synchronization, necessary reports, HRIS integration, interview kits and scorecards, sample job descriptions, and offer letters with e-signature abilities.

7. Zoho Recruit


Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking specialist dedicated solely to HR teams and recruitment firms. It includes efficient resume management and interview tools to improve the hiring process and find better personnel.

Zoho Recruit will also assist in luring performers on job listings, social media, and specific employment pages. Once all the openings have been filled, it will offer the most fabulous onboarding experience.

8. Manatal


Manatal is an AI-driven applicant monitoring system to aid HR departments and staffing agencies in identifying and securing the best candidates.

You may use it to build a career page with your company’s branding, advertise job openings on numerous job sites, and collect applicant applications.

Additionally, you may submit candidate profiles and automatically add information obtained from their social media accounts to enhance them.

Final Words

You can monitor, control, and design your talent management and acquisition operations more effectively with the correct ATS.

Bias in hiring is eliminated by using an advanced applicant tracking system to gauge performance.

Are you prepared to invest in more innovative talent management and company branding? Then, you may completely change the candidate experience by making the correct software selection for your applicant tracking system.

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