7 Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits

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Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Congratulations, donors are finally coming in, donations are finally piling up, and your non-profit organization is starting to take its place. You can finally do good in the world as you want, but first, some papers need pushing and calculations to be made.

Your excel sheets have been fine so far, but it’s getting more difficult to organize all these data this way. It would help if you had something more efficient, something more dedicated to accounting.

It would be best if you had accounting software. Thankfully, nonprofit accounting software is a thing, and we’re here to show you some of the best accounting software for nonprofits that will help you and your organization.

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Best Accounting Software for nonprofits

Here is the 7 accounting software we think are the best for non-profits:

  • Financial Edge by Blackbaud
  • Aplos
  • Araize FastFund Accounting
  • NonProfitPlus Accounting Suite
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Sage Intacct
  • Zoho Books with Nonprofit Modules

Without wasting any more of your precious time that you could be spending doing some more good in this world, let’s jump right into it and check what each of these options offers so you can make the decision.

Financial Edge by Blackbaud

Financial Edge by Blackbaud

Blackbaud was founded in 1981, and it has, since then, been able to become one of the household names in the world of nonprofit accounting. Taking their experience into account, it’s no wonder how popular their solutions are and how good they actually are.

Financial Edge is cloud-based accounting software for small and mid-sized nonprofits currently being used by over 5,000 organizations. The app’s popularity should come as no surprise, considering the wealth of features it offers.

Those capabilities and features are also presented in a nice-looking package with a beautifully-designed and well-organized interface that is the secret to utilizing the software to its full potential.

Some of the accounting features offered by Financial Edge include Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Charts of Accounts, Bank Reconciliation, invoicing, budgeting, revenue and expenses tracking, and even project management.

It doesn’t stop there, as it also offers payroll and vendor management on top of all of these for a truly all-in-one accounting solution for your nonprofit.


Blackbaud doesn’t currently offer a fixed pricing scheme, so you will need to contact Blackbaud for an estimate for your nonprofit organization.


Aplos Accounting Software
Aplos logo

Aplos is also a cloud-based nonprofit accounting software that offers all the basic features you can find in any accounting software. Aplos also has a modern interface that is pleasing to look at, but most importantly, it makes using the software a more efficient process. It gives you all the necessary information you need to learn at a glance.

The solution is straightforward to use, making it perfect for nonprofits as it requires no training to use, so you can set it up and start using it right away.

Aplos offers plenty of accounting features such as Activity tracking accounts payable and receivable, activity tracking, asset management, bank reconciliation, donor management, budgeting and forecasting, and general ledger.

However, where Aplos falls short is in payroll, as it doesn’t offer any payroll features, unlike Financial Edge that does offer payroll.


Aplos offers 5 pricing options:

  • Starting – costs $49/mo. – offers up to 500 contacts, access to support, and a maximum of 2 users.
  • Growing – Costs $79/mo. – offers up to 2,000 contacts, access to support, integrations, and a maximum of 5 users
  • Established – Costs $199/mo. Offers up to 5,000 contacts, access to support, integrations, and a maximum of 10 users.
  • Thriving: Quote-based – for those that need more than 10 users and 5,000 contacts. Of course, support and integrations are included.
  • Advanced Accounting – Starts $199/mo. You get full access plus advanced features such as Budget by tags, automating transaction entries, and fixed asset tracking.

For the fixed plans, you can get a 15-days free trial without registering your credit card, and for the two other plans (Thriving and Advanced Accounting), you can request a demo from their pricing page here.

Araize FastFund Accounting

Araize FastFund Accounting

Araize FastFund was built from the ground up to be the perfect software for nonprofits, mainly because it was designed by CPAs who specialize in auditing nonprofits. Araize offers training modules, both free and paid, for registered users to get them acquainted with the software and help them get the most of it.

If you are looking for something that’s dedicated only to you, you can go for the private training option, but this one will cost you a bit ($100 per hour)

What does Araize offer? It offers all of the basic accounting features you expect and then some more. Some of the features offered include Bank reconciliation, budgeting, financial statements, customizable, compliant reports, audit trails, check printing, cash disbursements, and custom filters. If you go for the premium version, you will also get accounts receivable/payable and cost allocations.

Unfortunately, there are no payroll or fundraising features built in the application, but Araize offers separate applications for those, but of course, these come at an additional cost.


  • Standard Edition: Costs $38/mo. For one user. Gives you all the basic features.
  • Premium Version: Costs $85/mo. You get all the features of the standard edition plus accounts receivable/payable and cost allocations.

You can also add up to four more users for an extra $30 per month. A 30-day free trial is available, and support is available for all plans.

NonProfitPlus Accounting Suite

NonProfitPlus Accounting Suite

NonProfitPlus is exactly what its name makes you think it is: It’s an accounting suite for nonprofits and a bit more. The software offers all the basic accounting features and then some more advanced features that you will be reluctant to find anywhere else; features such as volunteer tracking and board management, for example.

The user interface is not as modern-looking or as sleek as other options on this list, but it is functional and efficient. If you are familiar with Microsoft products, you will know your way around this solution with no problems.

NonProfitPlus is a great option for nonprofit organizations looking for functional software to get the work done efficiently.

Some of the features include accounts payable/receivable, activity tracking, asset management, general ledger, purchasing and receiving, donor management, budgeting and forecasting, compliance management, and more.


NonProfitPlus doesn’t have fixed pricing plans, and, unfortunately, they offer no free trial. However, a free trial can be available upon request, so make sure to mention it while conversing with their sales officer.

Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks by Intuit needs no introduction, so we are not gonna give it one. You need to know how you can use such a comprehensive and complete system for nonprofits, and there are two answers to this question.

First, you can use QuickBooks for your nonprofit as you would use for any other organization, or you can go a step further and combine QuickBooks online with Sumac.

Sumac is an accounting solution that offers many features, such as event tracking, donation management, invoicing, time tracking, email marketing, and more.

Here’s the thing, QuickBooks online, on its own, is great, stable software, but one that doesn’t offer many features compared to others on this list when compared in the same price range. However, by combining QuickBooks and Sumac, you can open up a whole new world for a fraction of the cost, and it’s all thanks to the sweet integration between the two.

If you want something similar to QuickBooks, feel free to check out the best QuickBooks Alternatives here.


 QuickBooks Online offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Simple Start: Costs $20/mo – offers basic features such as income and expense tracking, estimates, reporting, invoicing, and receipts. Limited to one user.
  • Essential: Costs $40/mo. – Offers the features you get with the previous plans but adds time tracking and bill management—maximum of 3 users.
  • Plus: Costs $70/mo. – Offers all the features of the essential plan but adds inventory tracking and project profitability tracking and 1099 contractors management—maximum of 5 users.

Of course, you get app integrations, access to support, and receipt capture with all plans. You can learn more about pricing.

As for Sumac, the free version is plenty enough for you, but you can always purchase extra add-ons or contact them for a custom quote.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Intacct offers a comprehensive system with a nice, colorful interface that makes it simple to use the program. The software focuses on the user experience without sacrificing functionality. It’s pretty simple to use but still offers plenty of training material for those new to the field, and you can always access their helpful support if you need it.

Intacct’s features include Accounts payable/receivable, asset management, bank reconciliation, general ledger, purchasing and receiving, compliance management, and partnership accounting.

One thing that Sage lacks is payroll management, and it doesn’t offer explicit donation management features.


Pricing is also Quote-based, but they do offer a free trial.

Zoho Books plus Nonprofit Modules

Zoho Books plus Nonprofit Modules

Zoho is a viral cloud-based family of applications that can be used by any business. We are considering Zoho Books, which is Zoho’s web-based accounting software that offers all the accounting features you need, such as invoicing, financial reporting, bills, bank reconciliation, and many more.

However, Zoho on its own is not the best for nonprofits, but with a couple of additions, it can be just perfect. These two additions are donor management and volunteer portal.

Adding these two modules or add-ons to Zoho will give you so many more features such as donation management, contact management, volunteer tracking and management, event planning, event registration, and many more.


The two modules we’ve mentioned are completely free, so you don’t need to worry about that at all. As for Zoho Books, it offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic: Costs $9/mo. And offers up to 50 contacts, 1 user and 1 accountant, and 5 automated workflows. You get all the basic accounting features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and bank reconciliation, of course.
  • Standard: Costs $19/mo. And offers up to 500 contacts, 2 users and 1 accountant, and 10 Workflows. It also adds some extra features, such as vendor credits, bills, and purchase approval.
  • Professional: Costs $29/mo. And offers unlimited contacts, 10 users, and 10 automated workflows. It also adds some extra features such as Sales and Purchase orders, a custom domain, and inventory management.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have business experience or don’t, there are many things to consider before deciding. There are x questions that you need to answer to be able to choose the right software for your business:

  • How easy is the software to use? Does it need any training? If so, are the training materials available and/or offered for free?
  • Is it cloud-based, or does it need to be installed on-premise?
  • What features does the business need, including any special features?
  • What integrations does it need to have?
  • What security and support options does the software offer?

There is no Free Accounting Software for Nonprofits.

Yes, unfortunately, this is true. However, there is plenty of low-cost accounting software such as those you can find in this list of best accounting software for Small Business. In this list, you will also find Wave accounting, which is a completely free solution, and we think could be a great software for nonprofits.

Okay, that’s it. I hope the last couple of minutes you spent reading this article have been worth it to you and that you found what you were looking for, or at least came close to it.

Of course, I would love to see you hitting that share button down below and will be waiting for your comments down below to learn your thoughts. Sharing your experiences with any software is always appreciated, or just sharing any thoughts in general.

Well, see ya soon!

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