6 Tips for Creating Unique and Professional Business Flyers

6 Tips for Creating Unique and Professional Business Flyers

Flyers is one of the most impactful offline marketing channels that still holds relevance in a world dominantly digital.  

Done right, it can give you the traffic boost you have been dreaming of. If you have an offline store, this is the one marketing channel you would not want to miss.   

However, here’s the thing.

Creating flyers that can bring in results is more challenging than you think. Just putting up a high gloss print and a few texts would not do. You have to design it carefully.

There are six core factors attributed to the success of any flyer marketing campaign.  

This post informs you exactly about those factors so that you can up your marketing game in 2022.   

Top 6 Hacks to creating attention-grabbing business flyers in minutes

Creating a highly converting business flyer takes work. This is because there are so many factors that interplay to deliver results.

Interestingly, though, all of these factors depend upon a single foundational factor: your audience.

If your message and tone don’t catch the attention of your target audience, your flyer is designed to fail. But, of course, you don’t want that, do you?

To ensure you stay on track, you must prioritize audience research. This will help you identify your potential audience and whom to market to.

Now that you know where to start let’s dive into the factors that boost your flyer’s efficacy.

The following section discusses six hacks that can supercharge your flyer marketing in 2022.

1. Make them visually appealing


The first element might look obvious. But take a pause and think again. When was the last time you saw a flyer that caught your attention? Was it anyway dull?

Exactly the point.

If you have to have any chance at standing out in front of your audience, you need to attract their eyeballs first.

The best part is you can easily ensure this with your visual identity. No matter what your style is, setting a visual identity will give you a differentiating factor. It will set you apart and make you unique. 

But what elements can you use to build up your visual identity here? Let’s find out. 

  1. Use colors that trigger emotion

Color injects the spirit of your brand into your flyer. It is what sets the energy levels of your audience. 

That being said, you can use striking colors that complement each other to turn heads. However, ensure it doesn’t steal the limelight from the message. 

A pro tip here is to stick to your brand colors. Sure, you can use variations of the solid color but try not to go completely off the brand.

  1. Use relevant font styles

Your font style is much more than just a typeface. It has the power to set the tone of your message. 

Thus, a good practice here is to stick to friendly font styles. But do not shy away from mixing your brand persona into it. It will only add to the glamor. 

Also, ensure you do not use more than two font styles. It will only take away your audience’s focus. 

  1. Integrate your brand style

Your brand logo represents your brand ethos. It is one of those factors that create uniqueness around your brand.

If you are not integrating your brand logo into the flyer design, you are missing out on the opportunity to establish authenticity around your brand. 

If you need help to ensure your logo is on point, here’s an ultimate guide that teaches you how you can design your brand logo in the shortest time.

But while you do so, a key point to remember is to ensure to keep your branding flexible enough to perform for an extended period.

Changing your branding frequently can negatively impact your audience base. So unless you have a reason to change, an ethos change, or a market shift, your brand must be consistent.  

2. Create sticky designs

The key to creating a flyer design that your audience remembers lies in the level of engagement it has to offer. Therefore, it would be best to strike the right balance between design, offer, and emotional trigger. 

The best-performing flyers aren’t essentially design masterpieces. However, they have the right amount of curiosity built in their message integrated into the complementary design. But can you achieve that?

There are two ways. One, you can use a quick template. All you have to do is click here to create a unique flyer.

The other one takes an extended cut but is the most sustainable one. It gives you the general guidelines that make the anatomy of a high-performance flyer.

 Here’s how?

  1. Keep it short and simple

The first trick of the trade here is not to test the attention span of your audience. Instead, it would be best to be as direct about your message as possible. 

However, do not take away the emotional trigger. The idea is to give enough information to get them excited about your product.

  1. Improve readability

If your message is not readable, it doesn’t matter at all. Make your text font large enough to be read by the audience even with eyesight problems. A pro tip here would be to use grids. This will give structure to your flyer content and improve comprehensibility.

  1. Improve accessibility

The whole point of the flyer campaign will become vain if your audience can’t find you. 

Making your address easily visible is thus one of the most critical moves for your flyer to perform. You can put any information here. Everything works well, from a physical address to the website to a phone number.  

3. Use images to create the ‘woah effect’


Graphics is perhaps the first element that your audience notices in a flyer. Integrating a unique iconography improves your chances of conversions by exponents.

If you compromise on your image quality, chances are you will suffer a low conversion rate. However, you can easily fix this issue. To help you do this faster, here are some of the best infographic makers that can help you create your flyer on the go.

However, while using these tools, be mindful of a handful of factors.

Start with ensuring you have images that are high quality. It’s better if you can use glossy-finished images for your flyers. The next step concerns consistency.

Nothing can detract your potential traffic other than a claim that is not delivered. Your images thus should be in line with your brand and offer.  

4. Optimize for conversions


Embedding an element of nudge is a critical component for the final success of your flyer marketing.

No matter how much effort you have invested in developing your flyer, the design, color, copy, and more, all can go in vain if not optimized for conversions. But the question is, what do you do in a marketing channel that is immensely limited in space?

You need to get creative here.

One quick hack is to use templates already optimized for performance. eFlyermaker is an email template builder that is great for creating flyers. 

Although a drop-down email HTML builder, this tool can become handy when designing your flyers’ mockups. You can download the design later for your final printing purpose. 

Here’s what you can do. 

  1. Use a strong CTA

You would have probably guessed that you need a Call to Action (CTA) for your flyer. But not just any CTA. You need to ensure that these are triggered strong emotions and wrap the direct benefit of your offer. 

Think of creating a time-sensitive CTA that is also exclusive. Got the idea?

  1. Less is the new more

This might not look like a strategy. But look harder. For ensuring that your conversions are powerful, you always do not need to create more. But, sometimes, you need to reject more.

Decluttering your flyer from unnecessary information is pivotal for high conversion rates. 

5. Make it interactive

Static flyers were so last year. 

Today, if your flyer has to create an impact, it must be dynamic. So it holds your audience’s attention for a longer span. Fortunately, creating this interactivity is much simpler than you might think. Here are some ideas.

  1. Use folds to build momentum

There is something about a folded flyer that creates curiosity in your audience. 

The right folds can make your flyer stand out and nudge your audience the right way in navigating the information of the flyer.

  1. Use technology to engage some more

Technology can be a considerable driver in ensuring the success of your flyer marketing campaign. Here’s how?

Your business may very well be operating online right now. This means you need to navigate your offline traffic online.

Embedding a QR code or an SMS alert for availing of a special offer might be just the right nudge to understand the efficacy of your flyer campaign.  

6. Proofread your flyer copy

Proofreading your flyer may not look like a simple step. 

However, you would be surprised how many flyer campaigns go wrong because of a single spelling error.

Performing a simple proofreading check can ensure you do not put your audience off. This works on just checking grammar and spelling errors and the choice of diction that can help build the momentum.


Before you go to take action, here’s some parting advice.

Crafting a flyer that can not only grab your audience’s attention but convert them into customers will always be a challenging task.

Sure, the above tips will lay the foundation for you. However, it would be best to keep reiterating your message and tone for optimal results.

A good practice here is to schedule a disciplined reiteration drill every season. This can bring a touch of personalization to the message. You can rethink your distribution strategy here as well.

While you do all of these, the essential factor to remember is to keep it real. Keep it fun. Only then you can foster an authentic relationship with your audience.

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