5 Tips on Creating a Safe Work Environment

safe work enviroment

The only way a business can thrive is under good management in a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, no matter how big or small the company is, the proper safety procedures must be implemented.

Following safety guidelines will prevent accidents and hazards, protecting your employees and business while maintaining a smooth business workflow. How can you expect employees to be productive in an unsafe environment? Unfortunately, many companies seem to overlook the importance of secure safety procedures.

But even the simplest things like a clean office can protect your employees from illness, or emergency exits can come in handy in case of a crisis. Of course, you can take many precautions to ensure your business’s safety, but here are a few main ones to get you started. 

Pre-Hiring Screening

Before you go rushing off to give your potential candidate the excellent news, you need to be %100 sure they’re the right choice for your company.

To protect your customers, employees, and even your business reputation, you need to have the applicant run a background check. This will reveal any criminal record, financial record, and employment history they have. 

If the applicant has violent acts or other red alerts on their record, this can be lead to a dangerous workplace and jeopardize your business. It can be an even more significant risk if you run a finance or insurance business.  

It is best to have all applicants get live scanned for quicker background check results. You can have them apply for a DOJ clearance or both a DOJ and FBI clearance. Go to Certifix Live Scan to pull out the closest live scan location to you. 

Another thing to consider before finalizing the hire is to have the applicant take a drug and alcohol abuse test. Drinking on the job will not only harm the employee but those around him too. Taking these precautions is vital, especially if the job requires a specific focus like driving, construction, teaching, or hospitals. 

Embrace Health Codes

Health codes are essential to stick by in any office. During the current COVID-19 situation, you always need to leave tips and reminders for employees to follow in rooms with heavy traffic like the break area, restrooms, or kitchen.

Everyone in your company should be aware of wearing masks or using sanitizers to keep themselves safe from any possible infection.

Preserve a clean office and encourage employees to help do so. This can prevent illness and avoid fire hazards or slip hazards. Keep the office clean by having everyone clean after themselves at all times. 

A Safety Plan

Having a secure plan set in place with all the office’s safety rules and guidelines is guaranteed to work in your best interest. For example, using safety gear is an important rule that can’t be ignored, especially in manual labor such as construction or firearm jobs. 

Another safety tip has appropriate emergency exits in case of emergencies, and all employees must be familiar with them. Try to schedule emergency drills every once in a while so everyone will know the emergency procedures. 

Set secure company policies for safety and make sure all employees are aware of them.

Communication Matters

 Always make sure that you and your employees are on the same page and that everyone understands the importance of health and safety regulations. 

Setting a monthly meeting to discuss company policies where everyone can speak their mind freely, and you can encourage your employees to follow safety procedures. They may even give you feedback on potential health or safety issues that you overlooked and need addressing.

Regular Office Maintenance

Have your office (or building) inspected regularly, check up on any maintenance that needs to be done, or any improvements that can be made. 

Something as small as floor mats to prevent slipping or a rubber pad at the end of the stairway to avoid tripping can make a difference. Make your employees feel happy coming to work every day, knowing that their workspace is a safe, clean and healthy environment. 

In the end, the compliance inspector will surely be satisfied with your care for your workspace, and this will boost your business’s reputation for representing nothing less than the best.  

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