3 Digital Solutions to Improve File Sharing and Documentation

File sharing refers to the private or public sharing of digital media, documents, computer data, and other electronic files by multiple devices and people, allowing simultaneous file access. File accessibility means that users can view or read the file, modify or edit it, copy, or print it. Hence, file sharing involves various security and control levels. 

For instance, managers can set authorized users who can only make changes to the file, such as core employees, and assign people who can only view the file, such as potential investors. There are many ways you can share files and improve this process and documentation, which you’ll learn below.

Internet Faxing 

Internet faxing enables you to receive your fax messages online. In addition, fax services offer a practical digital solution that can help improve your file sharing and documentation processes. 

The subscription online fax service provides and assigns you a regular fax number or toll-free. In this way, the senders can dial your number and send the fax message from a traditional fax machine. Your subscription internet fax service receives the fax and converts the file into an email attachment sent to your email address. 


Internet fax services allow people to send and receive faxes fast and efficiently from anywhere worldwide. You don’t need a fax machine, ink toners, or paper. Online faxing using mobile apps is also possible, allowing you to send, sign, and receive important files and documents from your smartphone.

Environmentally Friendly 

You can save a lot of time and space, providing environmental benefits because you don’t use fax hardware and paper anymore to send and receive faxes. In addition, you can store faxes electronically, so you don’t need to print out copies for future records.

No Storage Requirement

You don’t need to worry about assigning a space for a fax machine. All you need in Internet faxing is an active email address.  


You can easily scale your business from home office work to starting a small, medium-sized, or enterprise business using internet fax. Many online fax plans have high or unlimited limits, covering all your fax needs. Your employees can access one internet fax service without requiring additional material or machine purchase. 


Using an internet fax service is more affordable than investing and maintaining a fax machine, along with its associated phone line.

Easy to Set Up and Use

No hardware or software installation is required with Internet faxing, making it easy to set up. In addition, your employees are already comfortable using email and other digital communication methods. Therefore, they’ll find internet fax intuitive and easy to use too. 

Cloud File Sharing

You handled files on external drives or a computer’s hard drive in the past. However, modern digital technology gave birth to cloud technology. Cloud computing or “the cloud” involves accessing, storing, and sharing data, documents, and programs over the Internet, allowing you to manage online documents effectively.

With cloud file sharing, a user has allotted storage space for data on a server. Users can access files and documents using internet-capable devices from any location. While cloud file sharing is easy to use, you need to rely on the backup and recovery ability of the service provider. 

If you have an enterprise, cloud file-sharing services can pose compliance concerns and security risks if your data or files are stored on third-party providers without the knowledge of your IT department.

Here are the advantages of using cloud computing for file sharing and documentation:

Good File Accessibility

Cloud makes files fast and easy to share and access. With a cloud network, you can share files and documents with others who use and access the same cloud network. 

Recover Lost Files

If your file is lost or corrupted, you don’t need to worry about it when using the cloud because cloud computing providers can resolve these issues.

Reduces Costs

Because files or data are shared directly, business owners don’t need to purchase expensive machinery and equipment necessary to share files.  

Saves Time

You can save a great deal of time with cloud file sharing because you don’t have to transport and insert a storage device into your computer to access the files. It means that you can share files with just a few clicks. 

Project Management Software File Sharing

You can share files with external and internal stakeholders directly using a project management software program with file sharing functionality. This type of file sharing promotes better communication and collaboration among team members working on a project. 

Sharing files and other relevant data within your project management system offers several benefits such as the following:

Greater File and Document Security

With project management file sharing, you gain better control over who can view, edit, and print files. All your documents stay within the system, providing greater security than uploading files or documents to a third-party platform. In addition, many project management platforms provide virus scanning whenever you download files.

Centralized Data

When you’re working on a project, it’s best to have a knowledge center such as a project management system where you can check the progress of the project and all files and media related to it. When you share files using other means, like email, some people easily lose track of the file’s most recent and correct version. But when all your files are shared from a project software program, all changes are recorded, eliminating the need to verify if the information is correct. 

Handle Large Files

Email file sharing has a limited size, restricting your capability to share larger files. Furthermore, creating an FTP server, compressing or splitting files, or delivering them physically can be costly and time-consuming. Hence, using project management software is a practical solution to these problems. In addition, sharing using a project management software program with file sharing capability allows you to send large files such as images, videos, 3D models, or even software codes. 


As you can see, there are many digital solutions you can try to help improve file sharing and documentation for your business, such as the Internet or online faxing. You can always hire an expert to help you provide the digital solution you need to improve your operations and help attain your business goals. 

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