10 E-commerce Marketing Tools Your Brand Needs in 2020

The intense e-commerce competition inspires many e-commerce owners to keep track of the trends and update their business regularly. If you are one of those ambitious business owners or marketers who want to be in the loop about marketing tools, this is your chance.

With each year, new digital innovations are welcomed into the world of the internet. Not only do they ease up your marketing effort, but they also keep your e-commerce store up to date. Additionally, marketing tools will lower your costs. So, if you don’t have a full marketing team, this is your chance to improve your marketing game. That is why you need to take a look at this list of e-commerce marketing tools that will help out your brand in 2020.

1. Kissmetrics

Understanding your customers directs your marketing strategy in the right way. By getting to know their habits, preferences, and behavior, you’ll be able to personalize your marketing campaign and, therefore, make it more successful. For that purpose, you can use the Kissmetrics tool.

This tool provides you with data such as your best-selling products that will help you increase conversions, the most-engaged customers and their behavioral patterns, and the customer leaving rate. With these insights, you can adapt your marketing campaign to grow retention, drive awareness, and increase sales.

2. Mageworx

If you need some help with SEO, Mageworx is the tool for you. They offer different add-ons that will enable you to optimize your website fully. Some of the add-ons are schema markup, canonical URL settings, faceted navigation landing pages, and others.

This module works with two platforms – Magento and Shopify. Mageworx has accomplished many successful cooperations with businesses such as Swarovski, Kaspersky, and Digital Boutique. With such a useful tool, you’ll be able to keep up with SEO trends in 2020.

3. SEMrush

Here’s another helpful SEO tool that also has a research option. The popularity of this tool is justified by the many services that it offers. You can use it to improve your website’s optimization, build a social media strategy, analyze your brand’s online presence, do market research, and so much more.

Besides all that, you’ll have an insight into different analyses like web traffics, competition analysis, and Google Shopping campaign analysis, to name a few. Use that information to create a highly-successful optimization tactic.

4. Klaviyo

Email marketing campaign can present a useful revenue-generator in e-commerce. While some marketing trends come and go, email is here to stay,” explains Gregory McCaskey, a marketer at BestEssayEducation in his recent interview about the role of email marketing in 2020. Since email marketing is one of the relevant aspects of your marketing efforts, using Klaviyo can be of great help.

It is a tool that collects information about your subscribers, helps you personalize the emails, analyze the trends, and automate the communication with timely and relevant emails.

5. Hootsuite

Social media has made quite an impact in the previous year, and the value it has in marketing is only increasing. The various statistics prove how important social media platforms are. Managing profiles across these networks isn’t easy, so using a corresponding tool can be very helpful. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that can help you with your social media campaign.

You won’t have to switch between accounts anymore because you’ll have it all in this one tool. It can track the engagement with the posts, schedule social media posts, track how people engage with posts, manage content across all social media platforms, measure your social media results, and filter the posts that mention your brand.

6. Morningfa.me

91% of marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy, and 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product via video. It is clear that video is something you should focus on in your marketing campaign, which is why you need Morningfa.me.

Morningfa.me keeps track of your YouTube video performance, it gives you data-driven recommendations and helps you to optimize your videos for search. With this tool, you can improve the organic traffic that comes from your YouTube channel.

7. Canva

Aesthetics play a huge role in marketing. People are visual beings and, consequently, are more attracted to content that is visually pleasing. If you want to design effective posts, banners, flyers, presentations, or edit photographs, you can use Canva.

What I like about Canva is that it has numerous templates that you can use, whether you need them for social media or a presentation. This shortens the time I spend creating impactful visuals for our marketing campaign,” shares Samantha Finley, a digital marketer at GrabMyEssay.

8. AdEspresso

Get your advertisements in order with the AdEspresso tool. This digital advertising tool provides you with ad management across three influential platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and GoogleAds.

With AdEspresso, you can create and manage ads in one place, analyze the results of your campaigns, share your ads with clients, and even improve your advertisement skills with AdEspresso University. Since you’ll have access to different platforms from this one tool, you can eliminate the costs of hiring experts to work on each one of those platforms.

9. Grammarly

High-quality content is one of the necessities of any marketing campaign. Grammarly will help your content keep the quality to a high level by providing you with editing and proofreading services. Use Grammarly for product descriptions, website content, ads, or blog posts.

This online tool is very simple to use. All you need is to upload the document with the content, and it will highlight any errors and mistakes. For some extra help with the marketing content, you can turn to Studicus and WritingJudge, and you’ll find yourself some professional writers who can power up your content.


10. Slack

Fast and efficient communication among team members is what you need to pull out a successful marketing strategy. Slack is a website that allows you to organize communication, share documents and visuals, and timely response to any inquiries.

Additionally, it comes in the form of an app as well, so you can quickly access it over the phone whenever you need it. You can even prioritize conversations and receive notifications accordingly. Slack also has a video and voice call option so you can connect with your team members and share your screen within this tool.

Start the Year Strong!

Why waste your time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks when you can find the solution in these marketing tools? Pick the ones that you need the most and make them a part of your e-commerce business. Don’t wait for the perfect timing. Use the start of this year as a new beginning and power up your business with some impactful tools.

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