10 Best Candidate Assessment Tools You Can Trust

Candidate assessment tools

Choosing the right candidate is not a simple task.

In the recruitment and selection process, especially if there is an urgent need to hire someone, it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether or not the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

In fact, during an interview, you can determine a candidate’s attitude but not their practical skills.

This explains why many companies rely increasingly on candidate assessment tools. Using them, you can test your candidate’s knowledge and practical abilities and view results automatically. Then, you can choose the candidates who scored the highest. 

This method is more efficient and saves a lot of time, as you can imagine.

Yet, the web is now filled with candidate assessment tools, and choosing the right one can be difficult and time-consuming.

To assist you in narrowing down your choice, this blog post will provide you with 10 of the best candidate assessment tools you can rely on.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a candidate assessment?

The candidate assessment is a process that recruiters, employers, and business owners undertake to determine if the applicant is a good fit for a position and for the company.

Based on the industry and the position, evaluations can involve both psychological and cognitive aspects and knowledge and skills about the job. Thus, they can range from mental abilities to programming skills.

What is a candidate assessment tool?

With a candidate assessment tool, you can automate the screening process, assess candidates’ skills and fit with the company culture, compare results across your applicant pool, and make unbiased hiring decisions.

Many of them will provide you with ready-to-take assessments that will measure various skills or specific job abilities. Once the candidates have completed the tests, you can access their results instantly, and the tool will automatically rank them based on their performance scores.

Consequently, you can immediately view which candidates qualify for the next step in the interview process.

A candidate assessment tool may also allow you to conduct video interviews and test the candidate’s abilities using a whiteboard and software integration.

How to choose the right candidate assessment tool

Before we dive into the ten best talent assessment tools, let’s take a look at how you should choose the right one. First, it would be best if you considered the following factors.

Identify your recruitment objectives. 

The first step in implementing an assessment tool is understanding its purpose and the desired result. It is evident that the main objective is to hire the best talent out of all the applicants, but there may be other goals such as saving time and money.

Decide what types of candidate assessment will best suit your objectives 

Depending on the industry in which your company operates and the position you need to fill, you may need to conduct specific candidate assessments. It may be necessary, for example, that they relate to particular skills, such as programming.

In such a situation, you need to identify which tool offers those types of tests.

Evaluate the assessment tool based on your availability and preferences 

Since most of the tools do not come for free and differ from one another, you might want to choose an assessment tool rather than another, depending on your budget and any features you prefer.

Best 10 candidate assessment tools

  • TestGorilla
  • Attest
  • HR Avatar
  • Codility
  • Criteria Corp
  • eSkill
  • iMocha
  • TestDome
  • Workable
  • HackerRank

With that in mind, let’s dive into our list of the best candidate assessment tools to hire the right candidate.


test gorilla

Developed specifically to help companies with their hiring processes, TestGorilla is a human resources (HR) management software that conducts pre-employment assessments for prospective employees.

It incorporates a library of over 150 scientifically validated tests, covering seven different test types, ranging from cognitive ability to software skills. To give some examples, it provides a Javascript, financial accounting, and WordPress skills test.

The software automatically grades and ranks your candidates after completing the test, highlighting the best results. This saves you time and lets you select the best candidates.

URL: https://www.testgorilla.com



Attest is primarily a tool for understanding consumer preferences through surveys. 

However, you can also share these with candidates to determine whether they are a good match for your company and position.

The platform is intuitive and makes it easy with templates and the help of their in-house experts.

As a result, you’ll be able to collect all the data and turn it into insights, as well as download and share them with your team.

URL: https://www.askattest.com

HR Avatar

HR Avatar

HR Avatar is an HR software and a great candidate assessment tool that provides easy-to-use pre-employment tests, job simulations, and assessments for over 200 specific job titles.

Testing is available in 13 languages and on many job types, including accountant, analyst, banker, lawyer, and many others.

It also allows you to create custom tests and get the results you want.

Moreover, it incorporates Live (real-time) and recorded (recorded) video interview tools based on AI, such as voice analysis and personality profiles. These tools ensure you get the most out of the interview process and hire the best candidate for the job.

URL: https://www.hravatar.com/ta/index.xhtml



Codility is one of the best technical recruitment platforms designed for testing the coding skills of developers.

The platform embeds three tools:

  • CodeCheck. This tool allows you to create role-specific remote skills assessments for screening candidates before moving them on to interviews.
  • CodeLive. Using this tool, you can host technical interviews online or onsite using templates and whiteboarding tools.
  • CodeChallenge. You can organize and engage candidates in online coding challenges to maximize your recruitment process through this tool.

Further, it includes tests for 40 languages and technologies for five roles, including front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, and data scientists.

URL: https://www.codility.com

Criteria Corp 

Criteria Corp 

Criteria Corp is a professional candidate assessment tool that provides expertly developed pre-employment tests.

A variety of assessments are available, including cognitive aptitude, personality, and skills. Thus, you will be able to determine both the candidates’ behavioral tendencies and their skills.

All the tests are mobile-friendly; thus, candidates can run them smoothly from their mobile devices. Plus, there are game-based assessments to make the experience more engaging.

Additionally, adaptive technology adjusts the difficulty level to each candidate, making the testing experience faster and more predictive.

URL: https://www.criteriacorp.com



eSkill is another excellent assessment tool that offers standard and customized hiring assessments.

In its library, you can find hundreds of single-subject pre-prepared tests you can use to test candidates at all levels. Additionally, you can create your test by selecting from a wide selection of ready-made questions and adding your text.

You can also create or select job-based tests that combine multiple subjects related to a wide range of job positions, such as engineers, accountants, and many more.

It also provides video questions that enable you to evaluate candidates’ verbal communication, problem-solving abilities, and more.

URL: https://www.eskill.com



iMocha is a professional skills assessment software that provides over 2,000 skill tests and 200 ready job-role tests.

The tests pertain to various subjects, including digital skills, aptitude, cloud, application development, business management, and more.

All the tests are highly and easily customizable. This means you can add your text and questions, set performance categories, etc.

It embeds multiple tools to test developers’ abilities and knowledge, such as AI-LogicBox, coding simulators, and Live coding interviews.

URL: https://www.imocha.io



TestDome is a popular candidate assessment tool that lets you screen job candidates using automated work-sample tests.

It provides various tests on a broad collection of disciplines, including digital marketing, time management, sales, engineering math, mechanical engineering, and many more.

There is also a wide selection of programming tests to assess developers’ abilities, such as PHP, Python, Java, cybersecurity, and many more.

Furthermore, it offers over 1300 questions that vary in type and difficulty, and you can choose from all of them to create your custom assessment test.

URL: https://www.testdome.com



Workable is talent acquisition software that helps companies find candidates, evaluate applicants, and make the right hire.

You can use it for different phases of the recruiting process, including assessments and video interviews.

With these tests, you can evaluate candidates quickly. In addition, these tests allow you to test the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities, ability to analyze numerical data, and more. At the same time, others are also cognitive and personality-based to give you an idea of the candidate’s attitude.

As soon as the candidates complete the test, you and the review team can immediately review the results and provide feedback in one centralized place without leaving the candidate’s schedule.

URL: https://www.workable.com



HackerRank is another excellent technical assessment and remote interview solution designed for hiring developers.

It offers advanced tools and solutions for each phase of the hiring process: planning, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and ranking.

In addition to advanced skill assessments also allow you to test candidates live during interviews using a virtual whiteboard and customized IDE environment.

Additionally, the platform will automatically display and rank candidates based on their performance scores, so you can quickly identify the best applicants.

URL: https://www.hackerrank.com

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Choosing the right candidate from many applicants isn’t easy. It takes time and effort.

However, specific tools can assist you and your team with this process by automating some tasks and evaluating the candidate’s skills and attitude.

Throughout this blog post, we outlined ten of the best pre-employment assessment tools available on the web you can trust and use right away.

Utilizing them will save you time, money and allow you to select the right talents.

I appreciate you reading this article. I hope it was valuable and informative for you.

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